Four Wheeling

October 20, 2009
By , Bethel, AK
It was a beautiful day outside, and my friend Andy was visiting. We were both bored. I decided to ask my dad if we could go four wheeling. Before we left the house he warned us that the four wheeler was low on gas. We went anyway. We got the key and went four wheeling.
After a little while my stepsister, Beth and her friend wanted to take turns. Andy and I hopped off and walked around Pinky’s waiting for them. When they came back Andy and I took our turn. I drove around and across the boardwalk, to the pit, and then back to Beth and her friend. I was driving really crazy heading towards them, then I saw a hole and went into a sudden stop. I grabbed the brakes just in time, if I didn’t I would’ve ran over them. I tried to reverse but the four wheeler wouldn’t move.
They said that I should turn the four wheeler off and back on again. For a couple of minutes we just sat there eating candy while getting eaten by the mosquitoes. I tried to turn on the four wheeler again and tried to back up but it still wouldn’t. Then it started raining which was the last thing we needed at the moment. We tried to push the four wheeler out of the hole but it was too heavy. So I finally asked Beth to go get dad for help. She took a long time to come back and told us that dad left to go to the airport.
At that moment I started to get worried because we were stuck and every time something bad happens to the four wheeler I am always driving, which makes me responsible for what happens. After sitting there for a good half an hour we finally figured out that the four wheeler was out of gas. We thought about getting mom but then she wouldn’t really know what to do either, she would probably just yell at us so we didn’t bother her.
After a while my cousin drove by and saw us. She told us to put four wheeler on neutral and push it all the way home. We did exactly what she told us. We parked the four wheeler and went inside the house pretending like nothing ever happened.

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