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October 20, 2009
By BethLynn BRONZE, Irving, Texas
BethLynn BRONZE, Irving, Texas
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My memory button it is just a little thing that my grand mother would wear when she was working it was small, square, and was a dark purple color almost the same color as a fresh plum that is picked off the side of an old country road .She was a sweet old lady that went by the name of grandma Rita she owned a sowing store that she ran by herself she would wear the same old sweater everyday because she kept in on her chair she would always tell me that one day I would own a place of my own and I would become something different.

So after I left her funeral my mother stopped by her old store I went inside and was walking around because I knew that would be the last time I would step foot inside because she was gone I loved her so I went into her office where she would always tell me to sit still and take my nap I laughed because I could see the whole thing playing out inside my head then I glanced at her chair and there it was the plum colored sweater that she would where everyday. My mother started to come inside and look for me and I grabbed the sweater and ran outside before she even thought about it I knew we were going to close the store but I couldn't let it go without a memory of her caring and kind smile that I loved so much she was the only person that would be nice to me even if I wasn't her granddaughter I knew she loved me and I know she always will.

So now I think back to the day when I was just a little bit younger and I miss the way it would be if she was still around but every time I lay down and I hold the pillow I made from her sweater. I am just happy that I was able to meet her and I was able to see how she loved me just like how I loved her with all my heart.

I will never forget the purple sweater that she had the one I know have it still reminds me of her it still smells like her I love her still no matter if she is here or not every time I have the sweater close to me I think of all the time she spent with me as a little girl all the places we went and all the people I was able to meet in my life.

The author's comments:
this is about my grandmother and something that she had that ment and still means the most to me

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