October 19, 2009
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Make-up running down my face. All around us the rain is falling so hard you can barley see anything. You look at me, and laugh. My clothes are soaking wet-my hair drenched, and I look at you and laugh too because you look the same way. What once was the perfect hairstyle and the best make-up is all ruined. I’m myself again.

The moonlight and stars light the dark street. The lights in the houses around us flicker on and off as people wander mindlessly around their houses. All the cats roaming the streets with nowhere to go, and nothing to do. Cars zooming past us, then they disappear off into the distance.

Smells of rain flutter through the night; it’s the most perfect smell. That one smell always brings laughter and joy to my life. Whenever the smell of rain finds my nose, I can’t imagine anything better then that. Nothing can compare to the smell of rain.

Rain lands on my arm giving me goose bumps. You run up behind me and scare me. I jump so high I feel like I could touch the sky. My high-pitched screams make you laugh so hard: and me too. I feel like I should be embarrassed; but why would I be embarrassed in front of you? You don’t care: you like me for who I really am.

All I can think about is how much fun this is and how stupid we must look. But it doesn’t matter because we are having so much fun together. Being like best friends should be when they are together. All the bad is gone and all that’s there is love. I mean all you need is love to make the world perfect.
We are just dancing. Enjoying the rain. Because it doesn’t come around often: that’s why when it does all you can do is enjoy it while it’s here. Focus only on the good and cancel all the bad or hurtful things out.
We all live by quotes that seem like that’s what you’re going through. But truly you’re not. The truth is that’s all we let ourselves focus on. Not all the people that love and care about us. And all the joy in the world: but all the bad in our lives. And we shouldn’t because it’s not worth it. Because every minute you’re sad or mad you waste a perfectly good minute of happiness you’ll never get back.

At the end of that night-I felt amazing. And I know that no matter what happens, you’ll always be there to catch me when I fall.

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