October 16, 2009
By , East Haddam, CT
I was never one to speak out for anyone unless it was one of my best friends. I could stick up for them if I had to, but I didn’t like it. I was afraid of people. Not really afraid really, I just had low self-esteem and didn’t believe many people liked me other then my friends. So the day I helped out a friend was a good day. I felt great later even though I was scared out of my mind that Bully was going to say something.

Victim was one of my friends and this incident happened only days ago. He’s only a junior, while Bully’s a senior. In the hallway, where many seniors ate lunch, Victim asked me for a dollar. I would have given it to him, but when I asked, “Are you going to pay me back?” and he answered, “No,” I just couldn’t. Usually a friend will pay you back when you give them money.

Soon after, I heard Bully talking to Victim, telling Victim to get him a dollar. I mean, Bully is a pretty big dude. So when he said to get him a dollar, Victim complied. I was furious when I heard this. Victim was my friend; not one of my best friends, but more like a companion. Somebody to talk to in a class full of people I didn’t know.

Victim went from person to person looking for a dollar. He asked everyone he saw, even people he didn’t know because he was desperate for this dollar for Bully.

As soon as Victim walked toward me I stopped him and pulled him to the side.

“Are you getting the money for him?” I asked.

“Yeah.” At least he was honest with me.

“I think you should stop.”

“Okay.” I was happy he was listening, but it was a fast answer. Maybe he trusted me. He walked back to the cafeteria to, hopefully, sit with his friends.

I glanced at Bully and almost laughed at the look on his face. He looked confused when he saw Victim go to the cafeteria. I didn’t see Victim anymore that day, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t go looking for that dollar.

Helping one person with even the tiniest of problems can make you feel really good. It may not seem like I did much, but just one person can make a difference. I hope I helped make a difference in his life.

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