Flying Forward

October 16, 2009
I clip my bindings together, and slowly rise, preparing for the ride downhill. My dad has already begun the descent; his ski’s sweeping powder to the sides making a clean, French fry-like trail behind him. As my board’s front tips over the edge, I feel freedom, like I can do anything without worry. I plunge downwards, shifting side to side on the mountain. An icy wind blasts through my face which has already started to feel numb with cold. I try to practice leaning forward, but I am already going too fast, so I slow up and lean backwards. A passing snowboarder narrowly misses me by inches, traveling downward steadily and I instantly wish I could ride that well.
Toward the end of the run, I take a breath and stop my board, falling back in the fresh powdery snow. I look out upon the mountains thinking about how nice the view is- the snow covered peaks gazing up upon the sun. I take out my phone and snap a picture for my friend back home who also likes to snowboard and smile to myself thinking of him. Moments later I get up and begin the final descent. More skiers make icy patterns from fresh powder that hits me in my face.
I reach the end and pull up beside my dad, who seems to be out of breath.
“Ready for a break?” he asks, hopefully. I smile humorously and nod, unclipping my bindings. We walk into the cozy eating area inside a nearby cabin and take a seat. I look at my surroundings, seeing little children with their parents, slurping down soup with their hats and mittens on the side of the table. I remember when it had been that way for me, free of everything, knowing someone would always be there to take care of me. Now things were different… sure, I had my parents to back me up on everything, but slowly I was growing up and there was nothing to hold me back from it.
Breaking me out of my private thoughts, my dad arrives back at the table with two hot chocolates. I take mine, the warm smell reminding me of all the winters at home I had spent with my family inside talking with a fire burning. As I wished I could relive these memories again, I realized what lay ahead was what mattered and that growing up was just another step in the adventures that waited in my future.
I must’ve had a weird look on my face because the next moment my dad asked, “Are you ok?” Once again I was brought back to the present, to where I belonged. Not the past. Now is what we should focus on.
I smiled at him, and replied, “Yeah. Ready for another run?”

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