October 15, 2009
By Anonymous

"Cover up, honey."

The white truck pulled up alongside us. A man stepped out of it; over a slight, middle-aged paunch, he wore a sweater with vertical lines of knit-pearl machining. On his right hip was a gun. On his left hip was a police badge. A flashlight shone upon us in the back seat as he knocked on the window. They never saw his face.

"I'd like to see some ID from you two. Could you open up the window?"

He reached over her and tried to open the window, his heart pounding adrenaline to his head. It didn't work. He reached for the key in the driver's seat and turned it so that the power would come on. He opened up the window.

"Can I see some ID?"

"Yeah hang on."

She checked her skirt, one of the remaining articles of clothing still on her body.

"Oh, shoot. I don't have mine."

"Are you seventeen, ma'am?"

"Yes, sir."

He fumbled around his pockets to find a card. His driver's license was produced, and he handed it to the faceless officer.

".... and you're seventeen?"

"Yes, sir."

"Only a couple of years..."

He looked into the front seats.

"Could you pass me up that can?"

He passed it over to him.

"It's a diet cola, sir."

"...hmmm..." A pause...

".... I think it's best that you two get home, now."

"Yes, sir."

The officer got back into his truck. Our hearts were beating.

"I guess you'd better get dressed."


"Here, let me put that on for you."

"I think I'd know how to put on a bra, thank you very much."

"Oh, yeah. Sorry. Jeez, I'm sorry I pulled you into this."

"Hey, no problem. Have you seen my barrette?"

"I think I threw it over there somewhere."

"Oh, hey, I found it."

We piled into the front seats. She adjusted her hair and he started the car.

"Oh, man. I hope that cop doesn't come tell my mom."

"He won't tell her. Besides, we didn't break any laws, did we?"

"Well, he might still tell her?"

"Whatever. I bet he's just going over to the station to have a laugh with the other guys. 'Hey, I just caught a couple teens making out in the parking lot!' 'Oh yeah? I got, like, three of them... making... out...' ...."

"If he doesn't tell my mom, I'm going to... go to church like every Sunday."

"I recently played this really cool game; it has pretty neat music."

"You know what?"


"Even if we do get in trouble for this, I would do it all over again."

", too.... I love you."

"I love you, too."

The remainder of the car ride was silent.

He said "good evening" to her mom and left her with a simple good night; no kiss in front of the all-powerful mom.

"You're home early... So, how was the movie at Josh's place?"

"Oh, it was really nice..."

A car pulled into the driveway. Shoe-steps pattered upon the patio. The doorbell rang. Her heart stopped.

The mom opened the door.

"Pizza delivery!"


"You're home early... So, how was the movie at Cynthia's place?"

"Oh, it was really nice..."

He watched the game with his dad. Yankees swept the Twins, really exciting stuff, yay.

He texted her.


"Wow what?"

"Oh, nothing..."

"Ok *Wink wink* *purr*"

"So, I'm watching the Yankee game."

"Who are the Yankees playing?"

"Twins @ metrodome."

"Ok then."

":) tee hee"

"That was great."

"It totally was! And it was completely worth it!"

"Yeah. You are so beautiful."

"And you are so sweet and tender!"

"I love you."

"I love you too. So much!"

"What can we do other than 'movies?'"

"The art museum is opening. Maybe we can go there."

"The art museum sounds nice."


"Goodnight, love. Sweet dreams."

"Goodnight to you too dear, sleep well."

I never slept better.

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