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October 15, 2009
By Kailyn BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
Kailyn BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
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Most nights are hang out nights for my dad and I. But one night my dad and I were sitting outside enjoying the weather, when I hear an unusuall sound. Both my dad and I looked at each other wondering what that sound was. At firt we thought it was a coyote wondering around a night. Nothing really unusaull about that because my dad and I will usaully see one every now and then. As the animal is walking, it walks into the light to expose what it really is, a bobcat! Both my dad and I amazed by this beatiful creature. "Quick!" my dad says,"go get my camera equipment!". I run insided the house getting my dads camera epuipment and then bring it out back to him. We start running down the street following the bobcat. It finally stops and sits on a rock,while were still trying to catch are breath my dad pulls out his camera and the one I use and started shooting like there was no tomorrow! For about an hour we were taking amazing pictures of the beautiful animal. After taking pictures of the bobcat we loaded the pictures and they turned out absoloutley breathtaking! That night was an expereince that I will never forget!

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