worst day ever

October 15, 2009
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The day I broke my arm would have to be the most painful day I have ever been through. . Even though my mom said not to go outside and ride my skateboard I did so that might have not been my best idea yet.

I went riding my skateboard down the street and I felt so free so careless. All of a sudden all of that went away because a dog started chasing me and he looked like if he was going to bite my head off. I kept skating away hoping that he would get tired but he didn’t. Then I fall and realize that my arm had so much pain and I looked to make sure everything was alright but I could see my bone had popped out. I was in so much pain that I didn’t even notice that the dog was munching on my shoe. I could see a lady coming out of her house and saying “go away” at first I thought that she was saying that to me but she wasn’t. She asked me a lot of questions and finally she asked were my mom was so I told her. She ended up telling my mom what had happened and then she said that my hand might have been broken. I asked her how she knew and she told me that she was a doctor and knew these things.

My mom took me to the Lancaster hospital there they confirmed that my bone had popped out of its place on my left arm. The doctors operated my arm but they couldn’t put it into its place. From there the ambulance took me to the L.A children’s hospital. In the ambulance they gave me all sorts of candy which was really cool.

When I got to the hospital they gave morphine while they were fixing my arm I had a weird dream. The dream was about me dead in an airplane where they keep the luggage. Once they were done with the operation they took me to get a cask the cask was army colored which was really cool. Once they were done putting on my cask they sent me home.

While I was home there was nothing to do because I couldn’t go to school because of my arm which sucked in a way. It was also fun because I just sat down and watched TV it got boring sometimes but I got used to it. Once the 6 months of having the cask were over I went to the hospital and they took it off to check if it was fixed and it was so I was glad to finally take that sweaty cask of my arm.

The sad part was that we didn’t get to go to our family trip to El Salvador which sucked and of course they threw away my skateboard in the trash. So that was not so good. Next time I’ll try to not go wondering in to the neighborhood when my mom said no but I guess things happen for a reason right.

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