Dillon Lake

October 15, 2009
By LILmessi BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
LILmessi BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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While traveling throughout in my sleep I felt the breeze go through my face as if I was being attacked by thousandths of people. By the slight breeze that I received I knew I was heading to the camping ground were we were going to stay for 3 days. It has been 2 hours since we left Denver and we were starting to arrive to Dillon Lake. I was really excited to get here because of everything I’ve been told. Dillon Lake was 4 miles always and I started to wake up because my brother woke me from my beautiful sleep. The way to Dillon Lake was fun and beautiful because there was snow on the ground and we could see elk and some sheep.

Time had passed and we were finally there after 2:30. The time has come for us to eat breakfast and so we did, we had a mini oven was we could cook our meals. After breakfast we took down everything out of the truck and decided to build the tent. We spent a lot of time building the tent because it was HUGE and it took a while to build it. After 30 minutes we had finished building the tent. We were all pumped to be there that we decided to go and explore while we were digesting out food.

The bicycles were filled with air and it was time for us to take an adventure or a bike race all around Dillon Lake. As we took we had forgotten the water bottles because we were in a hurry to start our adventures at Dillon Lake. As one of our friends took us around to explore we had decided to keep moving without the water bottle anyways. At the half point we were all exulted from all those up hills that approached us and left us at different paces. Time had come to see who was better fit because there came a huge hill were we had to climb. The weakest wasn’t me or my brother but my brother’s friend. It had taken us over 40 minutes to climb the huge hill and then came a downhill were we didn’t have to peddle at all.

It had taken us over 5 hours to go all around Dillon Lake and we were all tired from the bike bride that we decided to eat, play cards, and go for fire wood. The sun was going down faster than you can say broccoli. The sun went down and we finished gathering the fire wood that we needed and so the night came fast and it was time for us to make up some scary story. Some of my friends some stories about Bloody Mary and others just made up stories were they thought that they were true.

I really enjoyed the trip because I saw a grizzly bear and I also had seen a deer. I enjoyed Dillon Lake because I liked the sunset and the activities you can do in there. I want to go there for winter because I want to skate on the lake because it is a fun activity to don when winter comes. I loved the vacation because I got to feel how life would be without people having to cook for you and for them to.

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I really enjoyed the writing piece because i worked hard in it

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