say no more

October 19, 2009
the most beautiful words have just danced off your lips, slowly rehearsing their ballet gliding ever so softly across your chin with thick dark hair growing as they sway,
along the slight curves of your flawless neck, ever so careful as they come twirling up to my empty ear, filling the space of silence with the saddest and sweetest notes ive ever heard. they sang in a melody, just for me, inspired by feeling and strong emotion, written by the most clever man alive, in this moment, there is no on smarter, more handsome, nor loved. my mind cannot keep all these things inside its small skull. tears have swelled inside my hazel eyes and burst like a broken damn, crashing down over the hill of my nose, slips across the almost symmetrical eyelid, onto the pillow we have used every night together since you came and brightened my days. my fingertips are so comfortable on every inch of your skin, always aware that this could all fade away, for if you decide to set in the horizon, my glory days would be lost in the cold night forever and eternity. there is no going back when i look into your sunburst eyes. they tell me everything i want to hear and scream all things i never even dreamed of. theres no secrets in your kind voice, theres no broken promises in the way you kiss me. no doubt in words unspoken, our minds collide as one often, and you have broke me free from my shell. im the most free i'll ever be and you are my lifetime hero. for those simple yet so powerful words have changed everything ive ever known and felt, i wish to have this dance until the end of time, oh those sweet words in your lullaby that night, always twirling in my mind..."i love you Jessie."

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ameerrante said...
Oct. 27, 2009 at 7:15 pm
This is beyond beautiful. I have never felt about this towards anyone and hope to do so someday. Thank you for sharing this.
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