Hallway Hazards

October 14, 2009
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The halls of a school have many memories in them; some of those memories are not so good, for example mine. I was walking through the hall backwards because I was talking to my friends in front of me. But little did I know that a student had dropped some of his books and was leaning down to get them. This kid just happened to be, out of all the places, right behind me. I tripped over like I had been table topped.

As I fell I hit another kid, who hit another kid, and so on. Soon there were kids and books sprawled all over the hallway.

The hallway had gone totally silent; I could have probably heard a pin drop from across the school. As I got up and bent down to get my books, I could feel the gazes of annoyed classmates burning into the back of my head. And, of course, through out all of this, my friends are laughing hysterically. But about an hour later they forgot all about it. But to this day I still think of that incident as my most embarrassing moment.

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