The Story of my Life

October 14, 2009
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Have you ever cheered before? Was it fun and did you enjoy it? Most girls have experienced cheerleading at least once in their life. Some don’t stick with it because of several of reasons. However, I am a girl that did. As a little child I had a lot of medical problems and wasn’t able to do many sports. I tried cheerleading and I really loved doing it. It made me feel important I guess you could say.

I have never thought very high of myself. Everything that I do just isn’t good enough in my eyes. Everywhere I go people will come up asking what is wrong with you eye, or skin. It always hurts my feelings but then I have to come back to real life and understand that everyone isn’t perfect. I have to come out and explain how I was born with a weak eye, and I also have eczema really bad. I look different from most people.

Sometimes I wish that I would wake up with perfect smooth skin and not a weak eye. I know it can’t happen. I have had all the medication and surgeries you could have. I just have to deal with it and keep on going on with life.

Believe it or not cheerleading has changed my life around. When I began cheerleading, I began to have people come up and talk to me. Me the one that has two problems that I conceder major was finally getting noticed. It felt so amazing. I got to get out in front of so many people and cheer. Nobody notices that anything is even wrong with me. Everyone sees past me appearance, and they see the talent that is within me. It makes me feel fantastic.

Then I realize it’s all a dream that I wish would one day come true.

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