Crazy Accident

October 14, 2009
By jchenoweth BRONZE, Portland, Indiana
jchenoweth BRONZE, Portland, Indiana
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It was a normal Saturday afternoon July. Zach, Danielle, and Deidre, and I headed outside in the morning to do our chores. Our chores consisted of walking and feeding the pigs, and doing inside work. Once we get done with those, it was off to playing. Zach and I loved playing baseball. It was perfect weather outside to play baseball. Well, we would go and play baseball, and my sisters would just run around everywhere. Tag was by far their favorite game to play, just simply because they would get to run around the whole time. They would always run all over the place, of course, and sometimes got too close to us. Zach would yell at them at least ten times to stay back or they were going to get hit. Then, what would you think happened next.

It was time for Zach and me to switch positions. He had been throwing the ball to me and I was batting. Now, it was my turn to pitch. I wound up for the first pitch, and as soon as I threw the ball, I saw what was going to happen. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Danielle running away from Deidre, right towards Zach. I tried to tell Zach to stop his swing, but it was too late. I did not even get a word out. It happened in a second; Zach had swung full power and hit Danielle right above the eye. Danielle fell down immediately and started crying. Zach did not even realize what happened for a moment, and then he saw it. Danielle was on the ground with blood everywhere. Zach and I could not believe it; we had no clue what to do. My dad was sitting by the window and saw everything. He was outside in a flash. He immediately picked her up and got in the truck and drove away. It happened in an instant, but I remember it clear as day.

The next thing I know is my mom on the phone for awhile. She was most likely calling the hospital. Zach and I were sitting in the living room, dead silent. My brother just felt terrible. He knew that it was mostly his fault for what had happened. He jus kept telling himself that he should have looked for her, or maybe he should have told her at least one more time that she should stay back. It was about midnight now and Zach and I finally fell asleep, even though it was extremely hard to fall asleep after all that excitement and anxiousness. The next morning we woke up around nine o’clock and Danielle was sleeping on the couch. We were going to jump on her and give her hugs and everything, but decided against it, knowing that she had had a long night. So, we decided that we should go outside and get our chores done. We got done with our chores around lunchtime. Danielle was already eating lunch when we got in and we asked her what had all happened to her. She had to get six stitches right above the eye. I also heard mom and dad talking about it later, saying that the doctor said she did not receive any serious damage to the brain. That was great news for all of us, to know that she was alright and everything was going to be fine. That is a great lesson to everyone with little sisters, to watch out for them when you are playing baseball.

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