monologue of "Cutchie"

October 13, 2009
By isaiah hurtado BRONZE, Lubbock, Texas
isaiah hurtado BRONZE, Lubbock, Texas
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“Get ya paper!”, “Get ya paper!” I yelled trying to get others to notice me and buy one of my papers I was desperate really desperate for some money, mainly because I am starving I haven’t eaten in days it’s not easy trying to make a living in New York because in my job I have thousands and thousands of other boys trying to compete with me to sell more papers then me and make more money, and another thing that’s handicapping me is my leg… its broken so here I am crutching along on this busy downtown new York street corner trying to see my papers, so far I had made four dollars I needed at least two more dollars to be able to eat a good, filling meal. “ Hey Crutchie” I heard from behind me I then turned around only to see 2 huge, big buff bully’s that had beaten me up and broken my leg, there names our Wally and Steven, it had been exactly a week from today when they had ran towards me and grabbed me from behind and then drug me to the dark alley and started to pound on my head and kick and punch my left leg eventually the pain was so bad I knew I just knew it was broken they had twisted it in ways a leg isn’t supposed to twist, in my head once I heard them yell “Crutchie” my first thought was oh no I’m going to run, but then I was thinking how can I get these guys back? What can I do?, I then saw a dark alley I hobbled my way into it hoping the twins wouldn’t follow me, “o crap” I yelled as my crutch fell into the hole. “Heeeee heee” I heard as I rubbed my eyes I was on a carriage I said “were am I” they said your on your way to the refuge , I said why? They then said because I was stealing money from the twins I said what? No I didn’t I was running from them because they were going to beat me up, little did I know I would be spending the rest of my life at the refuge.

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