Words of Wisdom

October 13, 2009
By , Concord, CA
Life is about many things and we all try so hard to find the meaning of it, to find the meaning of everything. Life is beautiful, but at the same time it can be utterly hideous. Growing up is the hardest part of life, and not many are brave enough to endure it. People for many centuries have become mistaken, as they search for the meaning of life, because its not life that’s important, it’s your life that means the most. So ask yourself what do you want? And how do you suppose you’ll get there? Because I’m warning you now that it only gets harder. Life gets harder. Almost seventeen and feels like I'm 20 years older than what I should be. Experience is the greatest teacher, and also the most demonic. Facing the reality of it all is quite overwhelming. To know that no matter how many good deeds you’ve done you are not guaranteed good fortune in return, nothing is guaranteed. To know that everyday could be your last, and what have you to show for it? Too many people go through things that they shouldn’t have to, and more of them go through those things alone. I for one stand on the alone side, because people haven’t been there for me when I needed them most. God is by my side, he’s always there, waiting and watching patiently. Waiting for me to grow up. One year left before adulthood, and it’s a scary thought. Life is about finding yourself and appreciating yourself once you’ve found who you are. Sometimes I don’t appreciate it. Sometimes I wish that I could be someone else just for one minute and in that minute I’d be truly happy. I do not necessarily like being who I am; I don’t necessarily like the life I live. But I do like that it was given to me. Life’s not all that fair, or that simple, and in fact it is more complicated than anyone will ever know. We do things out of selfishness, out of spite, out of rage, out of jealously, out of pity, and out of kindness. We need to be able to wake up knowing everything is not okay and still have the audacity to continue forward. We are all on a mission to find the meaning of our lives, and the only sad part about this mission is that it can only be conquered alone.

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