The Old Wood Kitchen Chair

October 11, 2009
By Barb8a BRONZE, San Pedro, Other
Barb8a BRONZE, San Pedro, Other
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It was the beginning of summer, and people where already perfectly tanned back here at San Pedro, Garza Garcia. Obviously I wasn't included in those people, so taking advantage of the intensely sunny afternoon I decided to go outside to my backyard in order to try to get a tan. As I was getting lost in some selfish thoughts, I kept staring at my beautiful dog and one of my closest friends, Sissa. She was barking hysterically at a bird standing at a branch from a tree, a green feathered budgie to be more exact. I've seen this budgie before, he always used to sang in that same tree besides the balcony of my room, giving my morning a fresh, lovely start. This budgie kept still, as if he wasn't affected from the annoying sound coming out from Sissa's snout, cause she knew, he was way out of the dogs' league. I pitied my poor dog, jumping as tall as she could with all of her heart and soul, annoyed at herself because she couldn't reach the budgie. I didn't gave much more thought about the subject and got back into the house when I felt too hot.

The next day it was the same, my dog doing a fool of herself, as the little beautiful budgie just stared, too confident, too cocky. I swear, if birds could talk he would've been saying how ridiculous she looked, and how she should stop trying, he was way out of her league literally. It was weird the way this little act took over all of my attention, only good romance novels about vampires have done that to me before.

The next day after that, my tan was starting to appear. But I knew that that wasn't the main reason for me to go to my backyard, my dog's unresting attempts kept me mesmerized. Weird, I know, but there was something behind all of this, I wished so much to end with my dog's unreachable dreams, as the budgie sang with pride and Sissa barked with a tone of fight, enthusiasm.

Coming back to see this show became my routine for 9 straight days. I even took out an old wood chair from the kitchen for me to sit comfortable as I admired the show. It was as my backyard was a cinema playing a movie about a poor lonely girl dying to call the attention of the most popular and gorgeous, team of the football team, boy in school, and failing. Tanning wasn't the reason for me to go back to my backyard any more.

On the ninth day, I forgot to get the kitchen chair back in the yard. And as I was at my computer in my room, for once, I heard nothing. Silence coming from my backyard. "So my dog finally stopped trying" I thought. But as comforting this golden silence should be to me, it kind of creep me out, so I went back to yard to see why the barking and the singing had stopped. I came out and saw what I should've thought of a disturbing image, but it was actually really impressive. It was the image of success. A broken wood kitchen chair -which I got grounded over afterwards- full of mud shaped paws, making it easy to find the culprit, a lonely tree branch, and Sissa with the budgie in her mouth.

But this story is not about the tragic finale of a budgie. The over confident bird and his delightful singing will be missed, for sure, but that's not the point of this story. I've come to realize that besides from the fact that I was finally getting some color on my skin - thing that I'll regret in some years when I get premature aging from the UV rays - I've learned a valuable lesson, and maybe the reason of why I was so intrigued with this act played by a dog and a bird. Not only did my dog finally got some peace of mind and a dinner, but she never gave up. No matter how many times she tried, and failed, she never stopped jumping. No matter how nobody believed in her, she never gave up. So she needed a little help from an old wood kitchen chair, but so what, she finally got what she wanted. Nothing is unreachable.

Countless times I've been in a similar situation from my dog, the difference here is that I've never had her determination, her faith. My stories branch out all the way from school crushes, final exams, music and acting, and the list goes on and on. So I had decided that I want to find my old wood kitchen chair, no matter how small or insignificant it means, no matter how many people disapprove my decisions or are against me, I want to follow my dreams and make them a reality. I want to try, and taste the bitter flavor of fail, as many times as possible if that is going to bring me at least a step closer to the fascination of success. As I said before, nothing is unreachable, you just need to find your old wood kitchen chair. And maybe one day, I too, will get my green-feathered budgie.

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RTyndall said...
on Oct. 23 2009 at 3:55 pm
I really, really liked it, really inspiring and very well written. It kept my attention, and few things can keep my attention. Congratulations and I hope you get into the college of your dreams!


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