The Trip to Disneyland

September 30, 2009
It was the day that we were supposed to go to Disneyland. The whole family was happy. My dad and my mom drove to California for the big day. It was big. I saw Mickey Mouse. It was like a castle and I saw a cool parade. I was six years old. The whole family went on a family ride and they took pictures to (I forgot what it was called) well I was really scared and my mom didn’t want to go on the ride but then I made her (it was funny.)

When we went on the ride my uncle took a picture I had the weirdest face on. My lip was down and my hair was all up. It was so funny. My mom was laughing too hard. My dad was happy my brother was scared and my sister was laughing at me but she was having fun. My older brother didn’t go with us because there were only four seats my uncle was laughing like a lot he couldn’t stop.
I got a pink Mickey Mouse hat. My brother had one to but his was black. My dad said that we look like twins but I said, “No way!” My first ride alone was an elephant. I was scared at first and I wanted my mom to come with me but she said that she was too big to get on so I had to go alone.

I had a lot of fun. I wanted to go again but we had to eat. After we ate we went to go get some toys I had a buzz light year toy it was spinning really fast and it was glowing. It was green, white and kind of black. It could stick on windows, and the car. I didn’t ride that many rides. My dad and my older brother went on tons of ride. It was funny my brother had a scary face on my dad putted his arms up. They wanted me to go on but I said, “No, it’s too scary.”

My brother got lost so we had to stop riding the rides and look for him. He was looking for us too. We couldn’t find his because he was too short. But I found him. He was with an adult finding us. I called his name ten times. He saw us and thank the lady for helping him. Now we had too stayed in a group after that we went to the hotel and I couldn’t stop thinking about that day. And that was my best day ever!

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