The Day At The Zoo

September 30, 2009
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One day at the San Francisco Zoo, my family and i went there to spend the day. It was a cloudy day and it was the perfect day to spend outside. At first when we got there, we went to the snakes pit and we looked at all the different types of snakes. There were lots of them there were big ones small ones and different colored ones. I liked them a lot.

Then after we saw the snakes, we went to go look at the monkeys. When we arrived there, monkeys were everywhere there were some on the ground and there were some swinging branch to branch in the tree. They looked like regular monkeys but with a white stomach. Then my brother Sammy pointed out a baby monkey that was almost at the top of the tree and he was eating a banana and I was just so cool to watch.

Next, we went to get something to eat because we were all starving. So my dad bought us each a corn dog and a soda. Then when we got our food, we went and sat down on the bench and started watching the birds of prey. They had many animals. Then after we were done eating, and after the show, we went to the lions.

When we arrived at the lions there were not that much of them. There were only about four or five. They were big and the color of them looked gold. They had humongous teeth and looked like a giant cat. However, one of the lions put there paw on the window and it was so big. I stook my hand up to the window and my hand was so small compared to it.

After the lions we were walking to the reptiles and there were these stairs and I wanted to show off in front of my older brother so I jumped from the top to the bottom and right when my feet hit the bottom I dropped to the ground in pain. My dad asked me what’s wrong and I said my ankle hurts so he helped me walk top the car and he took me to the hospital. When we arrived at the hospital, we checked in and then they called me back to the room and said what happened. In addition, I told them what happened and they said well we need to take x-rays, and I said, “Ok.”

They took me to the x-ray room and asked me to lie down on the bed and then they laid this apron on me and they took the x-ray. They took more than one. They had me roll over and they took the x-rays at a different angle. Therefore, they took me back to my room and said they have to wait for the doctor to read the x-rays. So about ten minutes later the doctor came in and said, “Brandon you have broke your ankle in three different pieces.” I said, “Wow.” Then they put a cast on my ankle and said come back in three weeks and see if it healed. So through out the three weeks I was home all I did was watch TV and play my Xbox 360. Not being able to hang out with friends or anything. So after three weeks I came back to the hospital and they took the cast off and said my ankle heeled. I was relieved!

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