Moving On

October 3, 2009
By mariakrista BRONZE, Tamuning, Other
mariakrista BRONZE, Tamuning, Other
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Theres a reason behind every person's actions. Usually, when a person acts bad it is because she has a problem or simply because she is holding on to her past. Based on my personal experience, I realized that the reason behind the change of my perspective on the importance of education is my disappoint of not making the top ten in middle. I discovered that keeping that inside stopped me from doing my best in high school and in order to be able to do better, I just had to relinquished it.

In the year 2004, my family decided to migrate to the United Sates therefore i had to leave the life I was accustomed to behind. I left my friends and most importantly i left the chance of graduating elementary as valedictorian. When I came to Guam, started attending Benavente Middle School as a sixth grader. However, because I came late, I only had to be a sixth grader for four months. I've always done really well in school and I did not want moving to a a different country stop me from performing my best. When I was in middle school, I made sure that my education was my first priority. I did all my work, turned things in on time, and studied for tests and quizzes. I even got in National Junior Honor Society. I was confident that finally, I'll be able to go on stage and be part of the top then. Despite of my hard work, I found out that I cannot be on it because I did not attend BMS for the whole three years. Hearing this broke my heart. I felt like all my hard work went to waste.

When I started going to high school, I still kept that disappointment inside. I still could not believe that i worked so hard on something but my hard work did not pay off. In freshman year, I go tired of trying; therefore I told myself to anymore. I was not being myself and I did not care about school. Instead, I cared about having fun. I was contented on passing and did not try to get excellent grades. When I got my report card, my grades were just average. I did not even want to show it to my parents because I knew they would be disappointed. Things stayed the same in sophomore. I still did not care about my grades because of the disappointment I felt in middle school.

Finally, in junior year, I decided to let things go and not dwell on the pass. I knew it was time to let things go and move on now that I still have time to correct my mistakes. I started putting more time and effort into my studies and I saw improvement on my grades. Not only was I doing better in school, I also felt a lot better not thinking about the past anymore. If only I did it earlier, then maybe I would have done better in school in freshman and sophomore year. Last year, I was so proud my grades and I was always excited to show them to my parents. I also became more interested in school and even got in National Honor Society. I realized that I'm so much happier now that I let things go. I like the fact that I'm doing so well in school and I'm trying my best to get good grades.

As they always say, everyone makes mistakes. The only difference is that some people learn from them while others repeat them. There's always a reason behind why a person starts acting a certain way and sometimes all she has to do is let things go. My experienced taught me that valuable lesson. It is never good holding on to things and in order to move forward, you need to let go of the past.

The author's comments:
I want the readers to learn from my mistakes and hopefully they don't do the same thing. I want them to know that keeping things inside will prevent you from moving on and keep you from performing your best.

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