Do You Know The Feeling?

October 2, 2009
Do you know the feeling your heart has when you close your eyes and a certain memory flashes in your mind? Each second is lasting longer and gives you a different feeling each time. If your eyes are closed long enough, you might end up starting to cry because of all the different emotions your body is going through and all so fast. You hear the sounds that you heard while that memory was being created. If you concentrate on that one memory for an extended period of time, color appears and you feel like you’re right there again. As you are back in this memory, you can feel your eyes start to get soggy and wet. When you don’t want your heart to suffer any longer, you open your eyes to find you can’t see. You reach your fingertips up to your eyes and wipe the tears away. You lower your hands to your chest on your heart and feel how fast your heart is really pounding. But yet, can not help but to smile because when the memory was being created, you were smiling. You slowly close your eyes once more but this time to finish the ending of your memory. You feel your heart starting to beat harder and faster once more and your eyes start to swell up. You’re not giving up this time though. You go through the pain of this memory.
Once it’s over, you decide that the person the memory was about isn’t worth it anymore. They broke your heart too many times and won’t ever do it again. If they ever go back to you, you will remember the pain, the suffering, the torture this memory just put you through and firmly say, “No.” with a huge smile on your face and walk away.

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