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October 9, 2009
By , norfolk, VA
All the commotion at night cause me many sleepless nights. Almost every night there was a different problem with my family members. All of the problems happened because drugs were to blame.

The drug epidemic in my family is huge it is our weak link, but I decided I wanted to be one less of the weak link. As I was growing up I always was confused about the way things were no mother, no father just my grandparents. One big reason my parents weren’t there because my mother was on drugs and my dad was the dealer. If that doesn’t sum it all up I don’t know what will. As a result of this I’ve been living with my grandmother which wasn’t much help either it only was worse. It was worse because this is where I was exposed to everything under the sun. I never knew what was wrong or right so I had to cope with the unbearable. I had only a few positive influences that would get me away from the life I lived. Now that I look at the way my I’ve lived it has made me a better person for now and the future. I have realized that now I know what life is all about I will push through my hard life reality and become more than everyone else because my life depends on it. No matter where I end up people will know my story and will say she pushed through it!

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