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October 9, 2009
By christina newsome BRONZE, Norfolk, Virginia
christina newsome BRONZE, Norfolk, Virginia
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Something that I feel made me grow personally is writing poetry. I first started to write when I broke up with my first love, which was about two years ago. Writing then helped me express my feelings creatively and helped control my emotions .If was in a situation and I didn’t feel right I’ll come up with a poem that says how I feel. I still do that instead of talking my feelings out to someone. I don’t always write but when I do I’m generally going through something. I will have thoughts in my head and I can generate them into a poem. I get an idea and won’t stop writing until I got my point across or I feel better. Most of the poems I write are reflexive. They tend to be about relationships like me going through love or pain with someone. Depending on the mood I’m feeling while writing it either calms me down or make me feel happy and good. This is why I believe that make me grow. I feel it made a difference in my life because now I know how to say what I’m feeling instead of keeping it inside.

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