Italian Experience

October 9, 2009
Italian wonder, how great a thing, how few people have experienced it. It is a wonderful thing, going to another country, experiencing another culture, hearing and speaking another language. Few experience this wondrous thing, even though it can produce massive growth and expansion of ones personal self.

Simply going to Italy, or France, or England, or Germany, or Japan.. any country that behaves and is different can open ones eyes and expand ones mind. This experience gives so much to those who indulge in it. So why don’t we do it? Why do so few people travel?
It is a waste of a life. Being seventeen and having already visited England twice, Italy
once, and Scotland once I can say from experience, that traveling is one of the few truly wondrous things one can do in ones life. Learning by being, doing, seeing. Its so much better than looking in a text book. Standing in the coliseum. Eating pastries in an Italian coffee shop. Speaking Italian with an Italian. Standing on the windy slopes of Iona. All these experiences can only be felt when one is actually there, actually doing it.
It takes on a new sense of reality. It is real, really real, not just a picture in a book. One can smell it, hear it, touch it. It is an entirely new way of experiencing all the things that we are taught in school. It solidifies so much more than the simple text book facts in our mind.

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