The Day

October 8, 2009
In the morning, I went out to play with my dog Lady, when she was tied up. Then, my friends came and asked me if I wanted to go to the school, I said yeah, so I left. After a while I got bored and came back my relative May Sophie called me, we were talking on the phone for about an hour, till she finally asked me if I wanted to go visit. After were we done talking, I had a quick snack, went over to her house and visited her for a while, and went back home to my grandmas house. I had lunch with Amanda, after we were done, we went to Randys room and watched television.
When we heard someone coming in, Randy came in and told us bad news, the bad news was that Lady was choking to death. I told Amanda and we both went to go check her outside. When I saw her, it seemed like I was having a bad dream, just watching her, and I was about to cry in just a couple of seconds. When I was just about to go inside, I overheard more bad news, well actually it was worst news that I have heard in my life. They said that they were going to shoot her down.
Amanda and I had to cut her rope off and brought her behind the house, Randy went to go get his gun ready and load it up. He came and shot her in the stomach. Amanda and I came, saw her, and Lady saw me, she wagged her tail really hard and picked up her head just until Randy shot her in the ear, so her tail and head dropped and while I was turning to go inside I whispered good-bye, and a tear dropped while I said those last words to her.

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