Lazy Girl

October 8, 2009
Marissa and I get off the hot, smelly bus. She's going off about some story that happened at school, but I won't hear her until we get in the van, when I take the earbuds of my MP3 player out of my ear. Mom is talking to some of the other moms at the bus stop. My brother, Luke, follows far behind. I yell at him to catch up before the bus runs over him.
We all toss our backpacks and our instruments in the cherry red Odyssey.
"I fell asleep in science today. Because of the Zyrtec my mom gave me."
"Oh, real smooth." I say sarcastically. I play with my gold peace necklace. "Who woke you up?"
"I woke myself up. Someone slammed the door really loud and I woke up."
"Did the teacher see?"
"She thought I just had a headache and was resting my eyes."
"Nice what?" Mom asked as she got into the van.
"Just Marissa being her typical self. Lazy."

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starz&hearts4ever said...
Oct. 22, 2009 at 9:36 am
Very feels like some of your personality is being brought out in this poem.I think this story will be even GREATER if you added more to make it longer
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