October 1, 2009
By Apple_Pie_Baby95 SILVER, Manhattan, Kansas
Apple_Pie_Baby95 SILVER, Manhattan, Kansas
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Sarah Black, please report to the Councilor’s office immediately. These nine words kept ringing in my head as I jogged to the offices for the second time today. The first time was to fill out a report. But now my heart is racing, because I ran from the gym, to the counseling office’s door, making two wrong turns. I leaned on the blue doorframe and saw Lauren sitting in a cobalt chair, holding her books to her chest.

“Come on in sweetie, she’ll be with you in a minute…” the lady at the desk in front of me, trailed off sympathetically, with a bored look on her face.

I walked over and sat next to Lauren, with my platinum-strawberry-blonde hair swaying back and forth, just like my emotions. Lauren looked at me with her deep brown questioning eyes, which were on the verge of tears. And for the first time in awhile, I just didn’t know what to say. I opened my mouth, but nothing came out. All I could do was look at her with my own sympathetic blue eyes and hope for the best. Lauren turned away, and let her gloomy brunette hair fall in her face.

A four foot-two middle-aged woman walked out of the small hallway next to our seats, and looked at us with a dangerously fake smile plastered on her face. “Would you like to come with me Sarah?” She asked, as if I had a choice. I got up almost instantly, and followed her through the hall toward two offices. We walked through the door on the left that had a nameplate that read “Ms. Meanie,” Sure fits…I think to myself as I walk into the small, cluttered office. I sat down in a green puffy chair with a silent yet humored smirk, and then wiped it off as soon as Ms. Meanie took her seat behind her cluttered desk. “Now Sarah, Mr. Jaker would like to know if you’d like to change your story at all.” I shake my head in response. “No?”

“Nothing in my story is going to change.” I stated firmly.

“Okay then, I’ll get Lauren.” Ms. Meanie got up and shuffled out of the room almost tripping on a stack of papers, to return a couple of seconds later, with a very frightened and bewildered Lauren.

Ms. Meanie, who is sitting behind her desk shuffling folders and papers into separate piles, suddenly stops and then looks up at me, followed by Lauren, then back to me, then again at Lauren like some creepy old bobble head doll. “Okay girls, now I know that Mr. Jaker took your reports on what happened last night, earlier, but he has asked me to follow up with the two of you to see if you would like to change your stories.” Lauren looked at me and then at Ms. Meanie, who looked her dead in the eyes and practically pulled something out of nowhere, and made Lauren say something.

“Well, in my statement…” Lauren started off a little uneasy and with a stutter or two, “…I had put that the sink was already broken, and it was for the most part, because just leaning on a sink doesn’t break it off the wall, it shouldn’t even break the cocking around it, which by the way was already an inch away from where it was suppose to be. But I did lean on it, causing it to fall.” Lauren finished strongly and exhaled deeply with a sigh of relief after talking on only two breaths of air for her whole speech.

Ms. Meanie nodded and thanked Lauren for her “honesty” and then turned to me with her evil green eyes piercing down into my soul. “Sarah? Anything you like to change?” I swear she can see my thoughts strait through my eyes, like they’re spread out on a wide screen in some major motion picture for the world to see. But there not, so I guess I’ll just have to hope she can’t see how scared I am right now. “Sarah?” She’s looking at me without boring into my soul this time. I shake my head in response to her question, and she suddenly looks disappointed. “Okay then, I guess I’ll just call Mr. Jaker and see if he’s ready for you two…” Ms. Meanie, turns and picked up the phone, paged the principal and next thing I know, we’re on our way out the door, across the hall to the regular, less gloomy, offices.

Mr. Jaker, who is six-foot four met us halfway to the conference room and walked us in, with Ms. Meanie at our heels. Lauren and I sat down side-by-side, opposite of Mr. Jaker, and Ms. Meanie at a large oak table. Jaker starts to attack us with what he saw on the surveillance tape, and what we said in our statements. As he explained what was on the tape, I started to remember some things that I hadn’t put in the statement…

Lauren, Connor, Kade, Bryan and I all walk up the stairs to Rainbow hall so Lauren and I can use the bathroom. I have to pee really badly and I don’t want to go in alone because I’m a scaredy-cat like that. Lauren agrees to go in with me while we’re walking up the stairs, but as soon as we get to the top, she walks over to a green wall and lies down on the floor. I walk over and pick up her arm and start to drag her over towards the bathroom because, like I said, I don’t go alone. Lauren and I bust out laughing, causing me to fall to the floor, and Bryan comes over to pick me up, and Kade helps Lauren up not questioning anything because they already know that it’s probably just some dumb girl thing. And it was, so they started laughing… AT us. I look at Lauren and she immediately knows that I can’t hold it much longer. She grabs me by the arm, and I pull away, grabbing Connor by the arm and Lauren catches on fast grabbing Kade AND Bryan, and we all 5 start walking toward the bathroom door. Connor, Kade, and Bryan all pull away at the last second, and Lauren and I are the only two that enter the bathroom door.

Jaker is still going on and on about me pulling on Lauren’s arm…and he’s not even saying it right. He’s saying over and over that I was dragging her by her leg, when Lauren and I keep saying OVER AND OVER that it was her arm. He said that we should just stop lying to him and be quiet. So we looked at each other, and fell quiet.

I rush into the last normal stall, the one right before the handicap stall, and I slam the door shut. I hear the regular door close, Lauren squeal, and footsteps, right before I heard Bryan yelling at Kade through the door to let him out. Of course I hadn’t done anything yet, so I unlock the stall door, and rush to the entrance asking Bryan what happened, and then I started pushing on the door. I over powered Kade and Bryan barely scraped past the door before I closed it again. I looked over and Lauren was looking at me strangely, I didn’t think anything of it since I just overpowered Kade; Kade, who can pick me and Lauren up at the same time no problem. She smiled approvingly and I tried once again to go to the bathroom. I walked in and didn’t even have the lock latched before Ole’ Faithful Lauren squeals again. But this time, I froze, because I heard a crack. And not a normal crack, more like, the sound of ceramic breaking apart.

Jaker looked at me expectantly as if he was waiting for something magical to come out of my mouth. “Well, I told you what I remembered from the incident. I told you what happened from the moment Lauren and I stepped into the bathroom, to the when the administrative lady reprimanded us, and didn’t let me speak, sir. You didn’t ask for anything that happened before or after the incident.” Confidently I waited for a response, and when none came, I slouched in my chair and the memories kept flooding back.

I rushed out of the stall and stood there giggling, kind of shocked, with really mixed emotions. I walked towards the door and stopped; Lauren already had her hand on the door handle when I turned around to look at the sink once more. I didn’t get such a good look at it since I heard water running, and just KNEW that we burst a pipe, and it reminded me that I still had to pee. Lauren pulled at my shoulder saying that we need to get out of there and I collapsed on the floor in a giggle fit. I got up and half walked, half ran the three steps to the door. Lauren threw the door open, and we were stopped by an African American woman about my height, who didn’t have a very pleasant look on her face.

Ten minutes later, Ms. Meanie and Mr. Jaker are finding out whom to contact to tell our parents about this whole thing. And as soon as I tell them to call mom, I’m pretty sure they’ll call dad. But that works out too, because either way, they’ll both find out within 15 minutes of the first phone call.

The author's comments:
I was thinking of what to write for my English assignment, and I wanted to do a romance story that happened that weekend, but there wasnt a big enough conflict for that. So I thought back a little bit further, and remembered that the past week, I had gotten in some deep trouble with my best friend and my new best guy friends.

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