My Summer Travels

October 1, 2009
For me, summer can be mundane. I don’t usually go anywhere for
vacation or have a lot going on. My escape is actually quite magical and sits on a shelf in
the library. When I read a book, I become part of the story. I turn into the main characters
and I feel their pain, joy, excitement, fear, everything. I travel into their world. As I walk
the pages of the book the story fills me. I’m no longer in my house curled up on the
couch but soaring across the ocean on a British naval ship of war, strolling along New
York’s bustling streets, scaling a mountain in Peru, or flying with Tinker Bell and Peter
Pan in Neverland. Another way I escape boring summer days is through worlds of my
own creating. I think maybe my pens have mystical powers. When I pick one up a story
pulses through my mind and bursts forth onto the page, pulling me in. I always enjoy it so
much I sometimes think I’m part of the story for real. Of course I always return to the
hot summer day I left behind, sometimes unfortunately, but I hold the joy of knowing I
can always return to the worlds in my imagination by simply picking up a book or pen!

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