my family

September 30, 2009

When I was 7 year old I go to toluca with all my family. My caused and I we are playing soccer. All my caused was playing other games. an my parents was taking with my uncles.

When my causing Toño and. I was playing soccer a get mad because I was loosen the game I stop the game. A go with my other causing Augustine to play a different game. Bout Toño get mad too because a live the game then the go where. I was and push me whit all is angry they was a stairs a roll all the way down and. I was crying and a look my arm and my arm was broken. A crying more laugh because I was scared when a see my arm. My dad rum to me and he carry me to the hospital. In the car he have when I get in the hospital. The doctors take me to a room and they put me some thinks in the faces the think put me to sleep. When I wake up my arm was fix bout a have a whit thin in my arm. The doctor tell me they gone take out the white think in 3 weeks. And I can not move my arm for the 3 weeks. I was angry with my caused Toño and I was boring because a don’t have no body to play bout my caused call to say sorry. I was happy a gain with my cause. When a go to the doctor to take me out the white think a have in my arm. My arm was all whit4e they look war.

I learn to don’t play where the stairs are because you can bro you arm like me.
And one more think don’t fight with your caused because is your family. I learn to listen to my parents and be careful went your are player.

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