The Zoo

September 30, 2009
One time I went to the zoo and I saw tigers, bears, zebras, and other animals. I had so much fun. My family and I ate cotton candy and popcorn. And we pet allot of different kinds of animals. We were at downtown and we saw the biggest zebra. It had a long neck and it was tall. We met a lot of people and we took a tour around the zoo. And the cool thing was my baby sisters got to go in for free. But the rest of us were 20 dollars. My favorite animal is the tigers. Because they look so, cool and they run very fast. In addition, they are very strong. The tigers look cool because they have big teeth. Moreover, they are hunting animals. We saw penguins and I like penguins because they are very good swimmers and they slide on ice. We saw the penguins hide out. It is separated from the other animals and that’s not the only sea animal we saw. We saw other sea animals like fish, shrimp, lobsters, crabs, and other sea animals. Ooh and we saw monkeys they where very funny because they would do tricks and eat bananas. I saw bobcats and foxes they where dangerous.
Then we got bored so we left home and we told the whole family the news. What happened and what we saw and how much fun we had.

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