Broken leg

September 30, 2009
It was a hot sunny day in the canyon me and my Dad were going fishing in the
green murky Snake River. My Tío Gary he had brought his dirt bike with him it was tied up in the back of the truck. There were so many ropes it was like a jungle had engulfed the bike.
We were going down this road that had so many curves it was almost unreal. When we finally made it to the bottom my Dad sighed with relief. Gary told my Dad to stop and then he asked me to get some water out of our small blue cooler. I looked around at the rocky walls of the canyon we were in they looked like a mouth full of jagged teeth about to swallow us when you looked straight up. My dad started the truck and it roared to life. We started to crawl down a dirt road and the truck clanked and hissed as we went over bumps and through sagebrush. My dad called out, “That looks like a good fishing spot doesn’t it?" My tío agreed with a nod of his head .He then looked back at me and I too nodded my head in agreement. We started to set up all our fishing stuff in preparation for our nice day fishing. We were sitting out there in the sun for at least three hours. Then my uncle said,” Drew do you want to ride that bike?" .I excitedly replied, "Yes!" I then glanced at my dad he looked as excited and happy as I felt. Me Gary and my dad started to untangle the rope that engulfed the bike. When we finally got it out of the back of the truck the sun was starting to set on the horizon. I was becoming very impatient. Gary explained to me how to ride the bike in what seemed like forever lecture on safety and how to work the bike. We pushed it over to a sandy clearing. I strapped my green and black helmet to my head. While Gary started the bike it purred to life and my Dad helped me get on it. When I got on I could feel the engine shake my body as I slowly twisted the throttle. I was going really fast when I looked back at my dad but all I could see was a thick cloud of dust flying into the air as I sped along. All of the sudden I heard a skidding sound as I flew over a mound of sand and rocks I flew in the air I was bucked of the bike and into the air. I plummeted to the ground and landed on my leg. It felt like it was on fire. My back hit the ground and the air was knocked out of me. I heard the four hundred pound bike land a few feet away. .I looked up at the sinister teeth of the canyon engulfing me into unconscious darkness. I remember waking up in the hospital. A cast was on my leg. I was discharged from the hospital a couple of weeks later and my leg healed within a month along with the bruises.

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