September 30, 2009
By , austin, TX
“I don’t want to go to school tomorrow” I told my friend. My brother said that the weekend went by fast. My brother and friend JR were talking when I here “lets not go” my brother said. You want to go skip I told my brother “yea” he said. We just wait until my mom and dad leaves, my brother told me. Then you can come to my house and chill, JR said. My mom leaves early too. I was sure about it but then they covens me to do it because I will be so fun they said and I said ok lets do it.

The alarm went out I look at the clock I was so nervous. I look at my brother he look at me just smiled. I was so confused I ask my self how can you be so happy doing something wrong. My mom came in my room told me if we need a ride to school or we talking the bus. My brother walks behind he and look at me whit a mad face. I told my mom no we talking the bus today. I felt weird lying to my mom. I have before but something big no.

I was nervous when she left. My brother told me “ hey pass me the phone” I said “why” he said he said to call “ JR stupid”. My brother said that JR had open his back doors open so we can get in.

The time was 2:50 I said to my self. We are going to make whit out getting in trouble. When we leave my friends house at 3:30 we were by the end of the street when we my dads truck park. I was so nervous but not scared. So my brother said, “just be calm”. So we enter our house my dad is there he just look at us and said close that door. But he said it in a deep and pist off mood. I look at my brother, brother look at me so I tell my dad what’s wrong. He said what did you learned to day in school “ the same thing”. “You Derek” he told my brother. “Umm the same thing” “ I got a phone call from school”. I just thought to my self we are in trouble. “ What they say” my brother ask. “That yall where not in school today” he said. So this is what’s going to happen no friends no going out side no TV or plastation for two weeks.

What I learn was don’t skip school or lie to your parents it will come come back and hunt you.

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