Car Crash

September 30, 2009
By , austin, TX
It all started on a cold wet day. This day changed my life and how look at cars. I’ll never for get this. I was born in Houston. I was 10 years old

My dad said lil red are you packed so we can go to Houston. I said “yes sir.” That day it was raining hard. I was 14 years old on the day of the car crash. We was in Austin texas. My dad had just got a new 2007 ford f-150. my mom called and said are you coming with your dad. I said, “yes mom”,so we was putting are stuff in the truck. We were just getting on 290 high ways my dad was gonging about 75 mph. The window was getting filled with water and it was making it hard to see. Before I know it my dad saw the car at the last min. My dad slammed the paddle and turned the wheel we were sliding. But we were still moving fast. I was so scared I didn’t know what to do. I saw the flashing the bright lights.

The as soon as the car hit me the air bag hit me. I was hurt it felt like I fell out the sky and on the ground. I had lost me breath it felt like I was going to die. My dad grabbed me and said son are you ok SON are. I said no im hurt. My chest hurt.

My dad called 9-1-1. Then like in 10 min later I heard the police pull up. I saw like two-cop car and one fire truck and one ambulance. They asked me do you wount to go to the hoistlptle. I said yes. Cause it felt like my ribs are broken. That was my first time riding in an ambulance to a hostile. My dad was really scared for me he called my mom and told here that we hade got in to a bad crash. She was crying amd I told here it was all good. She came down form Houston and came to st Davis.

The doctor said that we were free to go home. But be careful cause he has bruised ribs and drive safe. We found out that a drunk driver hit us. My dad truck was all messed up.


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