Dream will never change again

September 29, 2009

“This is the hottest parker in this summer and many girls already bought this one!” A beautiful woman was explaining the feature of a famous shop. There were about eight people for the interview of television program at there. The main woman was an announcer, and her voice came into my ears like wind goes in the room. There were also a man who filmed by using a big camera, a man who had a long pole, which had soft cover like a down of dandelion, a woman who made up for the announcer, and a man who always ran and instructed. All of them had different roles and tried to achieve their own roles with their best. Even though they were working on different roles, they helped and called each other. Their faces were brightening as sun brighten and they seemed be happy and proud of themselves.
When I was seven years old, I had a dream to be a flower shop assistant. It is because I believed that if I become the flower shop assistant, a beautiful man, who is really sensitive like a flower of glass, will come with the great smell of rose and steal my heart. Even though I believed that, I was not sure this dream was good for me, so I couldn’t do anything to achieve my dream.
One day, I went to a big department store with my mother. At there, I met the interview for television program. When I noticed that there was the interview, I yelled “what are they doing!” and started to run full speed as a cat which just finds a piece of dried bonito, and saw them without words. Before that, I had thought that television programs were made by only one announcer. However, by meeting the interview, I could see that the television programs were actually made by many people. When I noticed that fact, I suddenly thought “Great! I will join them in the future, at television station!” even thought I had a dream to be a flower shop assistant.
From the day I met the interview of television program and changed my dream, I started to see television programs as a crystallization of many people’s effort. I simply could not forget about their bright faces and power. I remembered their works and smiles many times. As I grew up, my dream became more interesting for me. I searched about works in the television station many times and imagined the scene I work at there. I now know what I can do to achieve my dream.
It was a really big thing for me to face the real field of people’s powerful working and corporation. It gave me a big power that made me be interested in. My dream had not changed since I met the interview for television program, and my dream will never change again.

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