Summer of 09

September 29, 2009
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The boat engine purrs as we take off. Ten to twenty to thirty, I give Connor the thumbs up. He punches it and we excel to forty. Just then I see my doom, the wake of the Jet Ski five miles out to sea. I almost see Connor smile from behind the wheel; I grasp onto that tube just before the wave and I meet.

This summer was amazing. The weather was always warm with the sky clear, plus I did so much, including going to Michigan. Even though ending summer was hard it was also the most exciting. The day before we went home to Illinois was probably the best day, all summer. We got up early to go down to the beach. All of my friends were down there; my mom and I walked down to where they were sitting. They had their boat out because the lake was clear, warm and smooth as glass.
If you’re a boater you will know that the conditions just named are heavenly, even if you don’t own a boat. It was my friend Connor’s boat well his parents but he drives it mostly. He was already on the boat with my two other friends Arianna and Zoe’. They threw me a life jacket and we went tubing. I got to go skiing once and then Connor went also. Arianna and Zoe’ aren’t really skiers; they went tubing a couple of times. They were really light so when they hit a wave they went flying through they are and straight into the water. That was really funny to watch. Going tubing with Connor was such a challenge considering his goal was to kick me off; we weren’t even moving and he still tried kicking me off.
With him having like twenty pounds on me, I’m not sure why he wasn’t successful at peeling me off the tube that I was holding onto with all the strength I had, but he did get me off when he drove the boat. He went at least forty miles an hour over the biggest wave he could find sending me flying through the air with nothing to land on but cold rough waters; I can’t complain, that was fun, but it did hurt.
Then as it got dark we found logs, looking for the logs were pretty difficult considering it was getting dark and we were cold and drenched from head to toe. But eventually we gathered enough logs and enough tinder to start up a fire, a fire so fierce we had to sit twenty feet away to enjoy it. You’d be surprised how hard roasting marshmallows are when you are scared your stick is going to ignite right in your hand. Luckily the flames died down and we put it out with a bucket of water, then together we walked up stairs as the day slowly ended.
We walked up those steep wooden stairs to the pagoda where we got together and shared our favorite memories of the summer. Then we said our good-byes, shed some tears well the parents did, and walked away with a smile on our faces just imagining how were going to top this day next year.
I have to say it was pretty depressing looking back at my friends sitting there still caught in the moment of our amazing summer, but I trudged on with my mom behind me to the old 1987 Station wagon parked in the dirt lot with every body else’s car. With out looking back I opened the beat up yellow door, admired the wooden furnished sides and before I knew it we were home to change cars, clothes, and grab our luggage. This happened so fast that finishing the playback of our last day was impossible. Don’t worry though I did have the time to recollect the confluence of events playing through my mind, but before I pulled out of this movie I realized that my mom, my dog, and I were already in Illinois. Summer was over.

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