The first day of middle school

September 29, 2009
By , 511634, Afghanistan
i got up early and put on my make-up because well i was going into middle school and well here's how it works if you don't make a good impression then well you get stuck with that ALL year and that wasn't going to happen to me!!!! so i shuged my shoulders and there i was for the first time at a completely new school.....because obiosly my mom fell in love and now i'm stuck here!!
but back to the school subject what i've heard about this school aren't that good so we'll see how it goes!

well i walk into the cold building and wear a smile while all the others give me dirty look's witch is great expeshily when your "the new girl" nothing really exiting was going on....... at least that's what i thought!
but was i wrong!
my mom's "love of her life"
did something that ruined my day.....i walk in to my first class and what do you know he sent my teacher and E-mail that said: Dear teacher,
i hope you enjoy my daughter she is trying to make an impression....a good one! she won't stop talking about it! so act impressed and i didn't even know b/c he told me when i got home! but i walked into the classroom and everyone was laughing...insanely!
so i joined them and as soon as class let out the halls we're nolonger lonesome!
they we're full!
i got shoved in to my locker 6 times!
i didn't know my combanation.... so ms.mouth helped me...she's my math teacher!
so by luchtime i was sitting alone eating a packed lunch.....alone!
but then i saw a shadow coming tward me!
it was a person!
she said hey want to come sit at my table?
i said sure!
she said well it's the cheerleading table!
i can give you a sign up sheet!
i smiled and took the i'm on the cheer squad and not a science geek!
and i have a football boyfriend!
so i opened my lunch and inside was a note that read:
hope you have a great day
so that day i learned that 1st impressions don't mean a thing!

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writerscramp said...
Oct. 21, 2009 at 11:49 am
bad grammer, bad punctuation, like someone downed a couple or a couple dozen redbulls and tried to type.
however, once you get past that, its a good message. why don't you try rearranging your thoughts, and pulling out a grammer book and dictionary.
you have witch which should be which, and so on. read before you post, and you'll do fine. you have promise, you just have to work at it.
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