Annoying Or Annoying?

September 21, 2009
By Kstarr BRONZE, Bristol, Connecticut
Kstarr BRONZE, Bristol, Connecticut
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As I signed into AIM one of my friends would immediately write me saying "hi." So now I'm like does this girl have a life. It's not once in blue moon that she writes me, boy I wish. But no It's every single day. Just picture it and you would see what im going through. I mean I love this girl shes mad chill but It kinda annoying day after day. I'm not going to use any names. When I see her in school It's like hell all over again. Sure we conversate, but I cant really hold a conversation with her because it bugs me how annoying she is. Sure everyone is a little annoying but shes the the type of person that you shouldn't like. And the part were i dislike her is when she talks about things that don't really matter. For example one time she was talking to me about how she didn't like her nails It's like thats nice but I can care less. Don't get me wrong she does has some good qualities like shes funny and pretty smart. There are somethings bout her that drives me nuts. There was a time when we went to the movies and she started talking to me during the movies. I mean Hello I'm Trying to watch a movie. Or when she calls me while I'm doing my homework and I can't hang up with her because then I'll feel bad.

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