Bad decisions

September 20, 2009
By , cincinnati, OH
It was the first night of spring break. My friends boyfriends had his license so we all thought we could get away without anyone knowing what we had done. I texted my mom to let her know I would be at Nicks and then going back to Sams house to spend the night. Everything seemed perfect, no one suspected a thing. I was never a big drinker but it didn't seem like it could do any harm. When we got to Nicks house it was cold and wet. Sitting by the little fire that looked like it would blow out at any moment, my legs began to warm up lightly. I had worn my sisters expensive boots that night and I was terrified to wet grass was going to stain them. I pulled my legs up, hugging my knees to my chest trying to keep myself a little warmer. As nick took the long bottle from the small coller sitting to my right, my stomach begand to flutter. My mind started to race as he twisted the red cap, my mind was telling me yes and no and eventually it would settle on yes. Kevin was the one to brave the first drink, after pulling the bottle back away from his face a grimace took over his face. We passed the bottle around the small circle until it reached me, it looked as if not a single drop had left the bottle. Pressing the bottle to my lips the luke warm liquid reached my lips, breaking through to my mouth. It stung a little as it sat in my mouth before a swallowed. A burning sensation filled my throat and I to formed a grimace. It tasted like I was drinking nail polish remover. As much as I hated the taste it gave me I pressed the clear bottle to my lips again and again as i tipped it back. I liked the feeling that began to take over my body. I felt warm and light as I continued to drink, like nothing bad could ever happen.

The next morning my hazel eyes fluttered open to a room full of bright lights. I had no idea where I was. As my mothers voice broke through the silence my body froze over. I rolled on my side a shooting pain took over my arm. I winced turning my head to begun pulling at the tube connected to my arm as it hit me, I was in the hospital. I tried sitting up, a nauseating feeling overcoming me. I got out of the stiff snow white bed to stumble over to the bathroom. Two questions flew out of my mouth, where was my phone and were my sister boots okay? My parents ignored my questions and responded with there own. I could answer next to nonw as my mind was a complete blank of the night before and it still is today.

I was informed by my parents that my father and my friends dad had gone to Nicks house at around 3 a.m. to find me passed out in the back of Nicks jeep liberty. After twenty minutes of yelling and screaming between parents, my dad took me home in an angry fit. As my parents layed my down on the couch I began to turn blue from the lack of oxygen and body heat. In about a half and hour the front of my house was covered in flashing blue and red lights. A show for the nieghborhood. I was rushed to the hospital, where I would wake up 9 hours late to find out I had gotten alcohol poisoning.

To this day I still cant smell anything with the hit of alcohol without wanting to throw up.

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