The Dusty Gray Pavement

September 18, 2009
By , Cowpens, SC
Life is worth everything. The mistakes were forgotten, and the everlasting memories flashed through my blacked out thought. What feels like the obscured end, is actually the beginning; let it take you, let it consume you, and let it remake you. It is worth everything.

The dirty rust of that traffic light, beamed green for, “Go, it’s okay, you can drive right under me.” Driving along top of that dusty gray pavement I notice a silver car blur in front of me. Tires spin out, and the excruciating sound barrels through the existents of my thought. Blackout. Screams, and cries run through the essences of that hollow road. Waking up and lifting my head from that steering wheel I look around amazed, trying to convince myself this isn’t real, this did not happen. Pressing my finger to my lip and pulling it away gazing at it with astonishment the blood trickled down my wrist. In that moment of time, all the pain hit me because I knew then that this was real. My neck ached a horrible pain, and my knee felt twisted all the way into the back of my leg. The crowd formed around the cars trying to get us out and the only thought I had was to cry. The sobs and screams rushed from my chest, giving me now room to breathe.

A sprained neck, knee, and a contused lip I found myself rethinking life. Tomorrow is never a guarantee. Your life can flare before you and everything that seems to matter now, does not matter then, do not waste your time, use it faithfully and constructively. Do something worthwhile so when that day comes and you see your life play a clip in front of you that clip will be enjoyable. If you live past the experience then let it remake you into the person you are, I did, and it’s worth it. Life will never be the same.

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