September 18, 2009
Blue braces, the first thing I remember is blue braces. In my mind, the first mental image I get is that flash of blue I saw when he smiled that day during lunch. I remember him in middle school, the type of boy who was always quiet, he mostly kept to himself and the few friends that he had were almost as quiet as him. It was the type of silence that made you want to scream. I tried talking to him once, but he looked at me as though I was a freak, I guess it was because I was being very optimistic when I spoke. So I never tried speaking to him again.

But it’s been almost 2 years later, it’s 10th grade. I see that same boy again. He was different. He’d grown out his hair, messy curls…he wore blue, my favorite color…he was laughing with his friends, his blue braces are what I set my eyes on. I wonder if it is that same boy who has always been there, but was always so quiet that I never took him into consideration. I ask him if he remembers me, he says yes. I tell him I didn’t recognize him, he just laughs. The days drag on and I get to know that boy that I couldn’t know before.His quiet disposition was just a cover to not be noticed. He did after all transfer into my middle school those two years ago.It made sense,that's why he was quiet when I talked to him back in 8th grade. He's not like that anymore though.He's himself. And he good at being his amazing self. He makes me laugh, he laughs at the silly things I say. We become closer than before. I was able to tell him anything, he didn’t judge me when others did, and judged me when I needed to be judged.

He joined the swim team, I couldn’t even begin to tell how much I smiled after that. I get to see him for another class period. It was great. I would say that the most fantastic memory that I have of me spending time with him is when us, being idiotic decided to jump off the diving board together and usually, you’re supposed to hold the person’s hand, so you can jump off at the same time. I tried to hold his hand in a way that our fingers wouldn’t intertwine, but he moved my hand and our finger did just that, intertwine. I got that same old feeling I got whenever I listened to a song that made me extremely happy.

About 2 weeks into our vacation, he got his braces removed, he looked just as perfect as he did before. It was that day that he got them removed that I realized his hugs seem to last forever, and when they did end, I wish that they could just last more. I like that. It makes me happy when I get those feelings. He’s not like others that I have liked…he’s, mellow. He’s a friend, and that’s what I need. Unfortunately for me though, that’s probably all we’ll ever be, just friends. He likes my friend, and she’s fantastic, and I can see why he likes her so much. She’ beautiful, inside and out. Honestly, I’m not too sad about that though, because even if they did end up together, I would just be happy because they’d be happy. I would like to be with him someday, if I got the chance. But for now…I’m just content being near him. Just catching a glimpse of that perfect smile. And remember that it was because of those blue braces, that I got to know him. To be his friend.<3

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