My First Love, Part 2

September 26, 2009
By , Colorado Spring, CO
Chapter 3 Continued
Ellie was a tall girl. She had blond hair that was always put up in a hair tie. She would wear a jersey, basketball shorts, and a sweatshirt that was huge on her. She was very athletic .played soccer. Ellie was also friends with everyone and got along with every person almost known to demand. When you where with her you would always smell flowers or fruit. something that was from the havens .the girl looked up to Ellie a lot ,but even though she did Ellie thought of her self ugly and fat. even sometimes hated .Ellie and the girl would take for hours upon hours every night about anything. they would talk from what happened that day to boys they liked and disliked to sad and scary events.
The girl and Zack where always seated right next to each other in just about every class. Was this a accident or was it fate? The girl was sitting in her seat when here come Zack to sit by her once again. The class was long and boring up until Zack bent down to grab something out of his binder that was on the floor. He put his hand on the girl's thigh. He grabbed nothing from his binder, and yet he kept his hand on the girl's leg for the rest of class. was this the same Zack that was dating Madison. did Madison and him break up. the girl was confused once again. the girl rushed out of class so calm but so fast she look like she was a river. steady and fast. as soon as she got out into the people filled hall Madison approached her angrily.
"Omg "Madison said
"Zack what"
"Zack kissed molly yesterday when he is my boyfriend, he cheated on me go slap him now"
"If you don't I will slap you"
The girl went and slapped him. she felt horrible even though it was not him but his best friend she had like it still made her feel horrible. She felt as she felt as if she where to through up .Zack was about 5'3" with curly brown semi long hair. He had brown eyes that you could just stare into them all day and never get tiered. like Ellie her wore basketball shorts and jerseys pretty much every day. he was nice and kind hearted .he would hardy make fun of anyone. his smile was so perfect .white and strait. who cared if he had a flirtatious personality the truth is so did the girl.
for the next few week Madison and Zack fought .mostly Madison. this was so confusing because Madison like him and then she didn't even want to be with him. this must have confuse Zack also. after this weeks of fighting they finally broke the knot.
The girl was having her own troubles with love.she like mike so much that she took it to the next step and told him some thing that would be a huge mistake he would never talk to her again later that day she told zack because they rather had a small relation ship going. She told him what she had said to his friend mike, expecting zack's face changed. The only thing he could really say is "you can come to my house if you ever needed" the girl that might be the only thing he could say. I mean what do you say I'm sorry. no .then for the next few weeks Zacks would just go up to the girl and give her huge. the hole slapping thing past in her mind so now she for got to say sorry. but now now that she found someone who would stick to her through thick and thin she like him.
She knew he was hot. but she did not want to ruin there relation ship as friends by telling him that some times she would ride ellies and the girls bus and listen to the girls Ipod. Ellie told the girl to tell Zack about her love for him on the bus. The girl just couldn't up tell one day. She handed Zack her ipod not thinking what she had wrote on the cover. The cover had small letters written in pen that said I love Zack. The girl panicked when he flipped the Ipod over. But why would he even flip it over. Well weather she liked it or not the cat was out of the bag between the girl and Zack.

Chapter 3 831 Zack

It was third period now and the girl was waiting for Zack to come in the classroom and sit down from checking his blood sugar level or what ever he did every day. he sat down beside her when all of the sudden she had to be moved to kitty cat cornered behind him. for what reason she dose not know why but she was not going to make it a big deal out of it. she wrote a note to Zack thinking he would never get it. the 5th note that day. The note said:

831 Zack
Wait? What!
831, 8 letters 3 words one meaning. It's a riddle can you solve it.

"I know what that means "said Zack
"What's it mean then" the girl said with disbelief in her voice thinking that no one could have known that
"I love you"
"I love you"
The girl just smiled
"It means I love you am I right?"
"How did you know that?"
"I love you, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 8 letters I love you, 1, 2, 3 threes words I love you is one meaning"
"You did not figure that out"
"Yes I did"
"You already knew who told you"
"I'm just special like that"
And just like that, the convo was over and switched to a different one. One about making out. this is a odd convo to be having yes I agree but you cant really make decisions for your self. and anyway the girl didn't mind the convo or when he hugged her it just made her smile. feel loved inside even if it was just intended as a friendly gesture.
Now the end of the year had come and this is sad because the girl never got to say her goodbyes to one person. The one person is her love named Zack sanders. He had not showed up the last two days of school. Now the two will never see each other again .but a piece of love still takes up the girl's heart and will forever. She only wishes she could say good-bye to him one last time and give him a hug .one day she is going to prove that she shall love him forever and always by tattooing on her pure skin "831 Z.S."

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