My First Love, Part 1

September 26, 2009
By Anonymous

Chapter one. Where it all began

this is just about the only thing that I can do to get all my words thoughts and regrets out so here I go I am sorry for everyone and anyone who has to suffer by reading this. Once again, I am sorry. This is a story of love that is to never be.

A girl to new school new people and old friends. She new friends from two elementary school then move to a new district .then she moved back when she was 11 in 6th grade. Things where new and she was saying hi to all her old and new friends. The next day she went to all her classes. The first two science and social studies .the same person was not there. However, no matter she did not know that person. She goes to drama where she was embarrassed because she was a little shy to new people back then. Then she goes to choir next and a girl is crying. The girl asked what's wrong. The girl who was crying was one of her long lost friends from woodmen Roberts. Her name was Madison .she had thought her the alphabet and how to right before she left in the beginning of third grade. Now after three years they are united one again

.Madison replies to the girl by saying her boyfriend was in the hospital with diabetes .he had lost 15 pounds over night and would not get up out of bed in the morning so his mother rushed him to the hospital. Confused of what was going on the girl said it is ok your brother will be ok everyone in my family has diabetes and they r still alive. Madison started to laugh. It is not my brother I don't have a brother it is my boyfriend of three years. The girl just stood there embarrassed and Madison started to sob in the girls arms again. Silence. This seemed to go on for hours but it was only about five minuets. After the walk to the bathroom, the girl got Madison to stop crying.
"Is there anything I can her you with I am really sorry about what happened" the girl said.
"I want my mom."
"But you can't go home its just half the day."
"But I miss my older sister too much" Madison blurted out and began to cry once more. She collapse into the girls arms once more but this time with such force that the both fell down to the floor. Both just sat there in the hall of school. The girls was confuse what was she crying about her sister or her boyfriend? Moreover, why is she just now crying? Madison spoke once more but this time in such a soft voice that the girl could hardly hear her in the silent halls.
"I miss my sister she was my last sister and now I am all alone."
"Its ok my sister went off to collage this year too"
It's not the same," Madison snapped at the girl.
"Well it could be worst she could be in the hospital like Zack your boyfriend"
"I don't care about that I only care about my sister"

These words sickened the girl. She did not want to hold her friend anymore. Not now, know that her sister is of at collage and could come back whenever she wants her boyfriend was in the hospital and could die at any moment and still her friend wishes her sister home and not her love Zack better. The girl hoped that she would be saved. That she would not have to hold this girl any longer the all of the sudden...
"Girls class is over it is time to come in now" Mrs. Jackson said. She was a choir teacher who also helped at the end of the year with drama teaching. She had short sandy hair. Must have been about in her 50s at least if not more. She was short and always-weird clothes that looked like she was wearing her table clothes. Around her neck hung a pair of reading glasses dangling from a purple beaded necklace.

Madison stops crying now and went inside. The girl slowly was up headed to the door where she could grab her things and head to lunch where she would eat hot bread stick with garlic on top with the side of marinara sauce and a lemon tea in a can. She was stalling that way she would not have to deal with the narcissistic friend of hers when she got inside, after lunch she rushed to her locker and gathered her things. A la book and a math book covered in brown paper covered in drawings of flowers, and two binders. One blue and on white also covered in flowers
Once in math role was called again like dayjahveiw Zack sanders Zack sanders. No one answered .the girls thought to her self. I wonder if he is hot or if he is ok. I hope he is o.k. wish I could go to the hospital and make sure he was ok. Late in class, Madison made two huge cards for Zack and had everyone sign it. Here was the girl’s chance. She wrote a hue letter hopping that it would grab Zacks action .then in la role was since called again. In addition, and sadly Zack sander was not there. A few days past and Zack was at school. The girl did not find him hot but not ugly. She found him as a good friend to be.

Chapter two the fight among couples

There had been fight in many relationships now there was only about three more months left and the girl we all know had made a lot of new friends' .but there was one friend unparticular that was special. This girls name was Ellie.

The author's comments:
I was going through my computer and I found this piece. I wont read through it but if it was worth my time to write this much, then it must be wroth the read. I can't rememeber why or when I wrote it but it was a long time ago, years. I can barely remember this boy now and I will not be getting a tatoo for him. However, I do remerber that I did love him dearly and it was quite a delima for me.

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I was confused the entire time...needs work.


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