My Grandma, the Klutz

September 25, 2009
By AriLovesTsunami BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
AriLovesTsunami BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Have you ever had that feeling something is going to happen? When you bring along your cellphone "Just in case"? Well I had that feeling and from now on, I will always listen to it.
"Comon!" I yelled, "Don't wait for the desert to turn green!" The Dogs Looked at me impatiently. "i'm coming, I'm coming." said my grandma in an exasperated tone. "I'm not waiting for the desert to turn green. We all know THAT will never happen."
My grandma and I walked out into the blistering heat, ready to take down anyone trying to defeat it. As we walked down the driveway, I stopped. I felt like I was forgetting something... "Keys? Shoes? Oh well," I thought. "I'll go look." I ran inside and looked around."Huh nothing..."

When I came back out, my grandma was standing at the bottom of the driveway with a grin on her face. "Sure, I'm the one who needs to hurry. Let's go before it's too hot." She said as I left with a sour feeling.
The Walk was like any other walk. I was running around with April, the crazy dog of the two my grandma has. Grandma was holding the other dog, Licorice, the buff old dog. Every time someone came by, my grandma would hold both of the dogs. When all the morning joggers were past us, I would take April back and reach down to stroke her. But that one time when I turned back around I looked to find my grandma, crumpled on the ground!

"Huh? Grandma are you okay?" I questioned.
"No." my grandma replied.
I reaached down to help her sit up, unsure if she could stand up. I reached into my pocket to grab my cell phone only to find it wasn't there.
"Great. Grandma, did you bring your phone?" I quietly mumbled.
"No. I never do."
"Grandma what are we going to do?" I asked in a worried tone.
"Go see if you can get a car to pull over and give us the chance to use their cell phone." My grandma calmly said.
I ran towards the road, waving my hands in the air. One, two and suddenly three cars passed. Nothing. Four,five,six. i looked back to see my grandma getting up. She painfully limped towars me. Finally, someone pulled over.
" Can we please use your phone!?!" I explaimed.
"Why sure you can!" Said the nice couple. "Here."
"Hello? I need your help. Just get here and I'll explain it to you later." Grandma said into the phone~

We all arived at the house to drop off the dogs. Grandpa ran inside to grap a damp towel. I grabbed the dog's leashesand led then inside as quickly as possible. As I was waiting in the car, I finally saw my grandpa come out. But instead of bringing out a towel for Grandma, he had it on his own head.
Well, one event after another, we all rused into the car. When it was over, everyone was still alive. This all happened because of my grandma, the klutz.

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