First Snow

September 25, 2009
It was so blinding. The endless white blanket of snow. It was the first time ever being in the snow. Almost like an infinte playland, it was like something i have never seen before.

The first day I realized how cold it actually was. When I got to the top of the slope I became very actious to try out my new snowboard. Since I was only five years old, my parents hired an instructor. It was more fun than I thought I could ever have in six hours. When the day came to an end Rick, my instructor gave me some hot choclate and cookies.

When it was time to leave, I was depressed cause I loved the snow so much. I got in our car and looked outside my window at everyone skiing. That was the only time I was every sad on the whole trip. The drive home was long and boring. The only thing I did for fun was draw. When I got home I knew where I wanted to go for our next vacation.

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