September 25, 2009
By Anonymous

When my dog died two years ago we were all sad. She was a black Cocker Spaniel named Polly. She lived to be sixteen years old. We had to put her to sleep because she could hardly hear or see. It was in June 2007. She was there for me since I was born.

Two months later, in Septiember, 2007, we started to look for another dog. We wanted a Cocker Spaniel. My mom wanted to get a dog from a breeder and not a pet store. We called a couple places and they had sold all their dogs.

We were sad because we really wanted to look at some puppies. My mom said we could go to the pet store, Pets Landing, to look. We played with a buff and white Cocker Spaniel. My sister and I fell in love with her. She was expensive and our dad really did not want to get a dog.

We looked at other dog but we really did not fall in love with them. We kept thinking about that dog in the pet store. We found another dog we liked but the breeder would not let us see the mother. We found out later she sold the dog. There was an ad in the paper for the dog in the pet store.

My parents said we could go back to see her. They said not to get our hopes high because someone might have already bought her. When we got there she was still there. We desided to get her.

When we took her out of the store to the grass everything was new to her. The grass felt weird to her. We took her home and every thing was so strange to her.

It took us a couple days to think of a name but we desided on Sasha. Sasha grew up and now is two years old. She is a nice, healthy, dog now.

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michjeff05 said...
on Oct. 12 2009 at 1:15 pm
Wonderful story from a loss to a gain. Great job!


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