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September 16, 2009
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i don't know what to do anymore. with you or this situation. i thought i had it all figured out; i'd give up, move on & be done for good. but i've figured out that i can't give up on you. not even for a day, let alone a week. everything about you drives me insane, but it makes me fall in love with you even more. you are the most difficult & confusing person i've ever met, but i love you. and i can't give up on someone that i love, no matter how much trouble you cause me & the stupid things you put me through. i can't give up on something that i've put this much heart into. i know that i shouldn't even want to be with you, but i can't stop how you make me feel. you may bring out the worst in me, but you also bring out the best. you make me laugh more than anyone i know. i love the faces you make right before you kiss me, but i hate that you know how much i care about you. i love how cocky you are, but i hate how you hurt me. i love that i'm the first person you call when you're lonely, but i hate that you never tell me how you feel about me. you're the only person that has enough of me to break my heart; the only person that can me my day with just a few words. the only one that i will never give up on - no matter how much i want to. you're the only one that can keep me going; the only one that i know will tell me the honest to god truth. you're just the only one, point blank.

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PennState2011 said...
Sept. 25, 2009 at 5:37 pm
i can so relate to this.
this guy is driving me insane and i try to find someone new so i can move on but i cant. i love this guy to much and i cant let go.
great job!
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