Lost Tooth

September 16, 2009
On May 27, 2006 something happen that affected for rest of my life. A lost tooth. On class of 2006’s graduation at afternoon, I was only 12 years olds with my friends who were at my age. We were playing dodge ball outside at one of my friend’s house. Zack, Dominic and I were standing at the wall and trying to duck to avoid the big red ball. Meanwhile, Nathan was holding the ball and aimed at Dominic because he hated him the most. After all Nathan finally hit Dominic and we continue it for hours. After hours and hours of playing dodge ball then, the worst thing of my life. All I remember, I ran and hit Nathan in the back. Looked down on the ground, blood dropping, from 1 to 4 drops; I realized I lost my tooth. I ran inside the house, into the bathroom and trying to stop the gum bleeding and cover it up with the rug. I was thinking, “What the hell was Nathan thinking? Why did he put a rock behind the ball and throw it?” I was walking home with Zack because my parents were worried about me. Zack was the one who founded my tooth and he witnesses everything. He said, “Dominic tossed the rock and the ball bounce the rock and rammed into my tooth, it wasn’t Nathan’s fault nor Dominic’s.” I realized that it was just a freak accident. As well my gum won’t stop bleeding so I went to hospital with my mom. Doctor told me that it would stop bleeding soon if I leave the patch on my gum for a while. My gum has finally stopped bleeding at 1:05 am and I went to sleep. On next day I went to dentist to check out my tooth and gum. Dentist said that I would never grow new one because it was an adult tooth. Dentist also told me that retainer (fake tooth supported by bridge inside of my mouth) would do the trick. I learned that what just happen was a freak accident and nothing can go back in time, life has to move one. Right now, nobody really recognized my tooth because of retainer. If I were able to travel back in time, I would find my tooth immediately, put it in a glass of milk, put the tooth back in my gum and go straight to Hospital.

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