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A new chapter

October 11, 2018
By Anonymous

As the whirl of wind explodes from the slick white saucer. I can feel the stress and boredom leave my soft set fingertips. As I think about the time that this extraordinary object flew into my dull, strained life. The year was 2016 and I was thrilled to be in the big and extravagant high school. “Would it be as amazing as the movies made it seem?” I thought to myself. But as what I thought would be a very slow, dreary 4 years turned into the most exciting time of my life.  But once the whirlwind of the white saucer slowed down I knew the sad end was nearing the corner. Could it be true, could the 4 years that I was looking forward to be almost over?

I was wearing a brand new bright colorful dress and a new pair of flip flops. With luscious brown locks that were as curly has curly fries. As the very first bell rang I lugged my 100 pound backpack on my back I could feel that I was missing something. What could it be I wondered? Of course it was my fidget spinner that I had left it in my locker. I had to ran as fast a Usain bolt in the Olympics to get that baby back. I knew that I couldn't go the day without my trusty steed. As the day went on my luscious locks of curls started to fall and my back began to break but at least I had my fidget spinner to save the day.

The day is September 6th 2016 at 7:30am. I'm so anxious to be at school. I’m scared but can't wait to see if I have any friends in my classes. I take out my fidget spinner and spin it under the table because I didn't want to be looked at as weird. With every breath I take I can feel all of my stress leave my body. The sad walls and the bright lights make everything worse but at least I have my stress reliever. As the day goes on I start to get bored. I can smell the nasty bathrooms from a mile away and the sweaty unhygienic teen  in front of me that smells of BO, I have no other thought but to pull out my white saucer and spin the BO and nasty bathroom smell away.

Without my glorious fidget spinner I don't know what I would ever do without it. With it only being a plastic inanimate object it had brought me so much joy into my life.  It has gotten me through so much that at this point in life what I wouldn't know how else to cope with things. I would be a chicken running around with no head trying to figure stuff out. And without it I wouldn't be whole, it’s like missing your other half. I always carry it in my black wallet every single day. Not only has it been there to help me with my anxiety and pressures of high school. But  it has also helped me clear my boredom and stress that life brings me.

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