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Lost and Found This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This work has won the Teen Ink contest in its category.
I liked being a mess. The desk that should have been clear so I could do my homework was always besieged with bowls of cereal and spoiled milk, old magazines, and Post-it notes I had forgotten to remember. My floor was a vacuum in itself, eating... (more »)
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It was January 30, 2009, I was halfway through my 3rd grade year. I casually skipped into school every morning, wishing I could just go back home, but not showing it. Nobody there really liked me and I didn’t have many friends to hang out... (more »)
October 28
By , Kenosha, WI
The room they gave me was a pale lavender, the walls were worn and cracked. There was a small desk and chair in the corner. A little window looking out towards the forest. I could hear the wind whistling in the trees. The birds chirping and the... (more »)
A Day to Remember
By , Kensington, NH
People stick the term “worst day of my life” on any mediocre day, but it’s different when you actually experience it. What I thought was going to be a simple midwinter day, instead turned out to be my worst nightmare. I was... (more »)
The Invisible Battle
By , Portland, OR
I droop over my bathroom floor, weeping. The fan buzzes, water rushes from the faucet, and music blares to mask the sound of my sobs. You didn’t deserve any of that food. You’re so fat. But I did have a great workout. I’ve never run that... (more »)
What happens to yesterday? Does it dissolve into thin air? Or is it always there? Do the days evolve around you like a globe? Either way the day always seems to fly by and then yesterday is gone with the wind. What happens to yesterday? All I... (more »)
Cherish the moments and keep your memories, nobody can take them away. As long as you make moments worth having you’ll always have a story to tell. (more »)
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My feet are stained a surprisingly vivid shade of yellow. I do not know where my shoes are, and I do not care. Nothing is happening, and I am altogether separate from the world, isolated. People have been passing me by all day, and I do not... (more »)
when some one help me
It was one of my hardest day for me that day the teacher gave us new math problems to do i din't understand the problems i feel so stuped, and nervious all the students in the class were dpoing their work ecept for me.The next thing i did is that... (more »)
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Autumn in Westfield
Autumn is almost here- my body tells me so. All of the regular symptoms of the fall season have stimulated my senses. There is that sudden, gentle breeze that makes my hairs stand on end and immediately settle and makes the trees sway like the... (more »)
Ski Lifts
I walked through the snow and sat down on one of the two seats of the old, red ski lift and thought, “If only someone could break open that door and pick the lock to start the engine again, I would be able to get to the top.” It was Christmas... (more »)
Finding Courage in Trials
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The morning was crisp and clear, a premonition to the warm day to come. The sun was peering through the tree tops and a cloudless sky hung above the horizon. A bright, yellow bus came around the corner and a team of students climbed in. The ride... (more »)
Flying High
Two short years ago, just a few days after Christmas, I find myself wide awake at the crack of dawn, anxious about the day as my mind races in circles. I try to stay warm, bundled underneath the covers, but the chilly air outside my hotel in... (more »)
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The Midnight Sky
One night, during my family’s traditional summer vacation to Cape Cod, me and my family stopped at Marconi Beach (yes, the very man who invented the radio) to look at the full moon over the water. I thought I’d already seen the best of... (more »)
I Hate The Cold
Eight years ago my eight-year-old self sat on a plane that was preparing to take its passengers eight hours away from its current location of a perfect eighty degrees Fahrenheit. Sitting on the only runway of a tiny island, the thought of this... (more »)
Seven is an uneventful anniversary; an uneventful anniversary of an eventful day. The school showed a memorial video this morning: the planes flying and the buildings crying debris. The last picture showed a single yellow flower on the ash-covered... (more »)
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