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Here are the most recent memoirs:

Grandma's Meatballs
"You take the coffee grounds and mix them with the raisins," she yelled to me. As my eyes moved from person to person throughout the room, that little voice in my head keeps saying over and over again, what is she talking about?... (more »)
First Day Jitters
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Five years old was the age I had to be in order to qualify for Kindergarten. As I approached Ho-Ho-Kus in the warm late spring, my pants had felt as though I had wet them I was so nervous to go to this new school with big kids. As I sat... (more »)
One Little Town
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Most of the time people don’t realize what they truly have until it is too late. One trivial town or one trifling family-community tradition can change a person’s life forever. Forever in the Webster’s dictionary means,... (more »)
Invisibility Challenge
I feel the rain against my car windshield as if it was personally assaulting my bones. Abusing my structure and weathering me down until the erosion was complete. I take a deep breath and open my car door- keys and headphones in hand- and... (more »)
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Leaning against the wall, I bawl my eyes out. The tears splash down my face like a hurricane. Every day of my life seems to worsen. The weight on my shoulders pushes me deeper and deeper into my insecurities.  I feel so shattered; so unworthy.... (more »)
The Two Donkeys This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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They stood pressed against each other as if they were one, their jellybean-shaped bodies merging into a single being. Their patchy hair was the hue of arena sand under a cloudy sky, offset only by the mocha-brown shading on their muzzles. Their... (more »)
More than "Basic"
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Sometimes people ask what they should know about me. We’ve all been there: the dreaded “fun fact” game, where everyone must come up with something interesting about them on the spot. Or when you meet a new person, or go on a first date,... (more »)
Entering Adulthood on the Oval
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I was always the youngest kid in my class. Having a September birthday was both a blessing and a curse; I got pegged as “the smart girl” who was younger than everyone else, but I had to deal with the inevitable possibility that my birthday... (more »)
What I Chose
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Looking back on my life, I see examples of deep disappointment, replacements, rejection, love, bullying, sadness, joy, justice, injustice, dumping, troubles with coping with the truth, smiling through uneasiness, broken bonds, only hopes, last... (more »)
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I was born to a man who carved the American dream into his bloodline. When I first moved to America, I became exposed to the complex mesh of sound that entrapped and entangled off unfamiliar tongues. But I never placed myself in a... (more »)
Once Upon a Time
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Tears flew, trickling down every inch of my face, each feeling heavier than the last. At that moment, my family and I didn’t care who was watching, but did whatever we had to in order to protect the poor, helpless creature in front of us.... (more »)
The Van
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Day one of life I met the van. The maroon paint heated like an iron under the determined July sun. Its carpet and roof lining had an equivalent to a baby lamb’s fresh wool, pure, cream, and clean. The pleather had few scuffs and... (more »)
Too Tangible Under Burned Fingertips
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His fingertips were covered in cigarette burns and scars he got from breaking glass bottles. His teeth were yellow from the smoke that he blew past them, but his jaw was strong and his eyes smiled after midnight. I thought he was stunning, like... (more »)
Photography: The Art of Sacrifice and Dedication This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , Carpentersville, IL
My face became blistered from the bitter and violent breath of Chicago. My fingers seized up every time I fished my hands out of my pockets. “Hell must feel like this: constant pain and suffering” I thought to myself. Digging around in my... (more »)
Deez Nuts
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The first day of third grade I was anxious. I loved school as much as I still do at some points in high school. When it was lunch time, I was instructed by my teacher to sit at a small table by the window where the microwave sat for the... (more »)
Pretty Pink Bubbles
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We were driving, just about to get on the highway. A familiar song came on the radio, and immediately I looked at my mom in the passenger seat and giggled. Even though I was on the way to the horrible church class that I would be left alone at,... (more »)
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