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Here are the most recent memoirs:

Looking Ahead
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Speaking of Aspergers, what a crazy, awesome, confounding, saddening, and all-in-all wild year it's been for me. It's been what, two years since my Mom revealed to me that I had Aspergers, and yet it's only been in the past few... (more »)
The Reader
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Looking back on it, I don't really remember learning how to read. I just remember doing it. And doing it a lot. I remember the first time I ever got hooked on a series of books. Hundreds of dollars have gone towards buying sequels. But why?... (more »)
Zucchini and Lightning Don't Mix This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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The sky cast a murky, grey mood on the river and an echo hung silent in the air. It was a dank Saturday morning and my team was preparing for an upcoming race. As we launched the boat into the river, the turbid water crawled over and seeped... (more »)
Eighteen This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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18, and the first line of my journal emerges like a rebellious blush, longing and delinquent. It sits in its designated place with blue ink honesty that terrifies that breath out of me. I must keep writing. I must push away from my confession. I... (more »)
It's Raining Ashes
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This happened when I lived in Guatemala, a country located in Central America. The country is also known as “The Land of Eternal Spring” because it always seems to be spring: no snow, nice weather, and clear sky. It had been an ordinary... (more »)
The Secret
By , Madison, NJ
I have been different from my peers, and have known it, since I was a very young girl. Still, I had always assumed that I would grow up, marry a man, and get on with my life. My best friend in kindergarten was a boy named Eli. I have known him... (more »)
Memories Don't Grow Old
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Joseph was my best friend and I was his. We had fun together and that was probably why. We stuck together. Every year Toronto French would rip us out of our pot and plant us with new seeds, but Jo and me always grew in the same crop. It was... (more »)
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Anne Frank: Her Life Before and After
Anne's life deeply changed when war started. And it's interesting to compare how she transformed her everyday life, and how she reacted to continue to live. Before the war, she was living in a beautiful house with all her family.She had a big... (more »)
Loss is something so sad yet so beautiful, almost. Loss is freaking out until you can’t cry or scream anymore, loss is being sad, mad and frustrated at everything and everyone. Losing someone who means the world to you can easily be the... (more »)
The Perfect Evening
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On a sweltering August day, I waited for my friend and his family at the park with my family, uncertain about the next few hours of my life. I was going to be at my first picnic mainly because I usually stay at home doing  homework,... (more »)
What She Already Knew
By , Colonie, NY
The December air was cold and frigid and the sky gave a look of despair. A draft blew in from the windows giving the room a bitter feeling. No matter how hard the heater blew the icy cold was still there, biting at your ankles. Curled in the... (more »)
Osmanthus This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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The redolence of osmanthus flooded the yard, rippling my memory. You smell it and you never forget. As if glancing from the end of a mottled time tunnel, I always recognize Grandma as that elegant young lady I see on those dilapidated... (more »)
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The sunlight glints against my sight through the window of the silver minivan as it comes to a stop.  My eyes adjust removing my seat belt the name fresh in my head  Anne Morison Park. I draw the handle slightly back, the door... (more »)
In Then Out
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It was the the summer after freshman year. The day was plain and simple. I had just finished playing and beating (might I add) Dante’s Inferno on my new PS3. The world around me was calm, nothing but blank space. I was totally and utterly... (more »)
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Terror in a Bookstore
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 Once again, I'm in Barnes and Noble and about to commence studying for finals because they launch next week.  I'm currently sitting in the familiar and humble little cafe and immersing myself in my fantasy music playlist on... (more »)
The Creek This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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My family and I moved to the outskirts of a small town in South-Western Michigan, fifteen minutes away from the Lake, in December of 2010. The purple house sat at the corner of an intersection, atop a hill, surrounded by about an acre of lawn.... (more »)
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