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Here are the most recent memoirs:

Things I've Carried This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I honestly don’t think a lot of people can say that they have been to most of the hospitals in Manhattan. But I can. It’s not like its an accomplishment or anything, it’s just something that I can say. I don’t even... (more »)
The Way He Moves This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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In the months before I turned eighteen, I started having dreams of my body giving out. Not in private, and not in small ways, but in one sweeping, violent malfunction. It often began out of nowhere, and when I became aware of being trapped in... (more »)
Why I Cry Every Christmas
Christmas morning of 2012, my dad came to pick up my brother and I from my mom’s house at 12 noon, just like it said in the divorce agreement. I brought most of my presents with me and showed my father the new perfume, the new pair of jeans,... (more »)
By , Kernersville, NC
     "He's not dead. My little buddy is not dead." That was my mantra. Shreader was my male veiled chameleon. I noticed he was sickly-looking and not gripping on his branches. My family put him in a tinier tank to try to save him. "I think... (more »)
The Mountain
Paved road rolled into a gravelly path. My feet crunched and curled on the rocks beneath me. Nature unfolded on either side of me; the trees in the forest surrounding the path formed a roof above me, blocking out all but a few threads of... (more »)
What I Want.
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I want to meet a beautiful girl and live in a home where I can bike into some dense woods and lose myself for a moment, then come out and kiss my wife's forehead and tell my son to have a good day at school.  I want to see the world turned... (more »)
Ceramics, Hockey, and the Subject of Regret
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Regret is a funny thing. A year or two ago, I was talking with this guy from my school's hockey team in my ceramics class (neither one of us wanted to be there) and we were brainstorming ideas about how to get out of the class without our... (more »)
Flashbacks of Happy
By , Keizer, OR
I remember the day it started like the back of my hand. It’s something I can’t let go. Last year, it was toward the end of the school year when I found out I had Depression. Turns out I’ve had it since 5th grade. Now I know why. When I... (more »)
The Smack World
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One day at school, I was hanging out with my friends when the topic of disabilities came up. I’m the only person at my school who wears a hearing-aid so people think they'll offend me by bringing up disabilities. This was a rare event. ... (more »)
The Weight of the World This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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It started on Halloween. I was seven. There was a party at our house, and the kids were all buzzed on sugar. My older brother and his friends ran around pretending to be Jedi knights, but my parents were strangely quiet. Looking at their faces,... (more »)
The Modern Depression
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It’s finally over, I thought as I stepped out from the black cage I had been locked into for four months. Bright light everywhere, it was wonderful. But then the blue skies turned dark, and the sun that had licked the pavement turned into... (more »)
How to make a Birthday Cupcake
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“Uhm-ma!” No answer. “I’m home!” No answer. My heart sinks “Mom?” Still no answer. I let out a long sigh. Feeling inexplicably famished, I race to the kitchen only to discover a pink post-it note attached to the edge of the... (more »)
Teach me to be Fearless
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Teach me to be fearless. Teach me how to step into a cold shower without flinching and catch a ball without closing my eyes. Dance in a crowd and ignore other people and speak my mind without being paralyzed in fear of judgment. Teach me not to... (more »)
200 Words
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200 words. Exactly 200 words to express how my chest twists when I think about speaking to you, and my throat tightens when I actually manage it. My stomach turns into warm, melted wax, and my legs become clouds, evading my command. Your eyes... (more »)
And Then Melissa Began to Play.
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Slowly, like falling asleep, I was enveloped by a film that I’ve only touched in dreams. She became a candle, warm and soft as she manned her station at the helm of the ivory keys. My eyes were drawn to her fingers as they deftly swept... (more »)
When Kindess Reaches Out
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  For the first five years of elementary school, my best friend Sarah was always there for me. We did everything together—at one point, we began telling people that we were sisters. We thought we looked like twins, indeed; we were both... (more »)
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