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May 12 , 2008 This is true thing in my hometown and In that time I am just 9years old and there was earthquake in WenChuan, and the level was 8.0! 6922people died, and 374643 people hurt and 17923 people miss. the earthquake kept 2min times!!!... (more »)
My Parents, My Friends
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 My mother is my best friend. She can understand me everything and she always say, “ if you start speak I know what you want say”. For me is very cool. I very happy talk to my mother anything about fun or bad thing. She always... (more »)
Swallow that Silence
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In our entire world there are approximately 7 billion people. Each of us has different nature, different hobbies. However there is one thing that can never be changed. All of us were born by our mothers. However not everyone has a good mom. I... (more »)
How to make the friends
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In September 2013, I moved to Minnesota with my friend, Yuri, who went same school in Florida with me. The school in Minnesota was boarding school so we stayed in dormitory. There were around 400 people that included both day students and... (more »)
A Better Place
It was an early Saturday morning and I was on my way to an orchestra audition. My dad was driving his worn silver Chrysler minivan while I sat in the back with my eyes closed, trying to focus on my breathing. I had to mentally calm the ferocious... (more »)
I Will Miss You Dad
 I just found out that my mom and dad are separating from being together for 16 years. I am only 15 years old and a 15 year old girl needs her dad.  My dad is from Chicago Illinois but we live in Texas. Therefore my dad is going back to... (more »)
A Sluggish Death
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A Sluggish Death Streaks of white glittered strangely under the glare of the blazing sun.  The sidewalk appeared deserted with the exception of a single object, lying there motionless, as its life slowly withered away.     It was like any... (more »)
I Fell For You
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My pace quickened and finally I passed the door to Algebra 2 & Trigonometry, and there you were. Sitting with your head bent over your unfinished homework, a mess of papers on the floor and your bag by your side. I sat next to you and the space... (more »)
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
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I look upon them now in the reflection of the dining room window. Their image, though slightly distorted, obtains a distinct acuteness in the incisive replication of their physical appearance on cold glass of the window pane. Amidst a background... (more »)
Geodes of Goodness
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I watch him perched atop his throne of worn and tattered cloth. Imperiously, he gazes down upon of his kingdom of shattered beer bottles, cracked by the pressure of misery.  His throne of splintering crates, embellished by an abandoned... (more »)
Roshi the Terrible
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Of all the people at my summer camp, one person was fiendish, cruel, and simply terrible enough to strike pure dread into my heart. This person was ten years old, half my size, and looked like the most innocent girl on the planet.... (more »)
Olivia Pope
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I don’t really see black women on tv, the stories of Olivia Pope and Anneliese Keating aren’t at the forefront of my mind.They are always overly complex anti-heroes in high pressure situations at 10 pm on ABC.(I try to be in bed by 9:30).... (more »)
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I have been close to my cousin all my life. Born two months apart to two very close siblings. But sometimes our closeness pushed us apart. Children follow in their parents footsteps.I have always shadowed my mom in many ways,I inherited her... (more »)
Ice Cream
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Me and my mom had been eating ice cream together since I had two teeth and a carefree smile. It was always a source of joy and comfort to eat a cup full of ice cream and watch crime dramas on the living room floor. I was never aware of... (more »)
Eight Stairs to the World
The last time her dainty feet touched the eight steps leading out of her quaint house was the day she moved away to see the world. This meant no more paintings of the lady in Paris. This meant no more of her really salty cookies that I would... (more »)
How RunDisney Changed a Life
By , Woonsocket, RI
Every day we take a look at ourselves in the mirror and ask the question “do we like what we see?” We ask ourselves if we look beautiful or handsome. We ask ourselves if our outfit looks good on us. We ask ourselves if our hair... (more »)
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