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Most Recent Memoirs

Here are the most recent memoirs:

A New Lifestyle
By , Cornwall on Hudson, NY
“Exercise is like an addiction. Once you’re in it, you feel like your body needs it” -Elsa Pataky. Since the summer of my freshman year of highschool, I found a new hobby that I’ve loved ever since. Going to the gym has been apart of... (more »)
Prototype of Success
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It was gone at the blink of an eye, but our moment of glory was one the Greenbot Gryphons would remember for a long time. We waited in the gym of Canton middle school, staring up at a low quality projection waiting for our scores to arrive. Our... (more »)
They Said the Walk Was Gonna Be Easy...
By , ann arbor, MI
I wake up tired but determined. I toss a hat on, throw some shorts, and a light jacket before I take my walk to the grocery store without letting anyone in my family know that I was awake nor that I was leaving I snuck out the backdoor walking... (more »)
Elementary Blues
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We have all had embarrassing childhood moments and memories. Forgetting to wash your hands after using the restroom, scratching your nose in the middle of class, etc. But what are my embarrassing childhood moments you ask? Well, you are about... (more »)
A Tangle with Death
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If someone were to tell me my death would be caused by an elephant, I wouldn’t have believed them. But soon I learned elephants are unpredictable, tameless creatures that can turn on you at any second. I know that sounds peculiar but I never... (more »)
Deadliest Laundry Basket on the Planet
By , ann arbor, MI
Blood is red. Looking back at the memory I don’t remember crying but when I ask my mom she always says that I did cry.  The scar on my leg is a constant reminder to not mess around with sharp objects. I was four years old when I... (more »)
One Regret I Can't Take Back
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I knew it was a mistake to give it to her but I did it anyways because that is what good friends do. It was in 8th grade, my friend came up to me right after the bell rang to get out of 5th hour and go to 6th hour but we had a 5 minute passing... (more »)
Mint Heist
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I had an addiction. With six cavities at the age of eight and a sweet tooth that never subsided, I was setting myself up for a diabetic future. My parents knew this better than anyone -- candy and baked goods were off limits for me. There was... (more »)
Loose Cannon
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I thought I would never see my dog again as she ripped away from my mom's grasp. I had told my parents we should not bring her, that she would not like all the crowds. What happened after that I don’t really remember. I just knew I... (more »)
I Can't Stop
By , Ann Arbor, MI
touching. Touching. Touching. Why do I keep touching, touching, touching? I have to keep touching. I got mad. I didn't want Akhil to take that coke bottle without paying for it. We walked the whole 20 yards from... (more »)
The Realization
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I never realized how much I had until today. My parents had always told me that I had more than others, but I never believed it. This year, my family decided to go to Bangladesh to visit their relatives that they haven’t seen in many... (more »)
Ankle to Jump
By , AnnArbor, MI
I was in so much pain from what seemed like a small jump but all I could think about besides the pain was the structure my ankle. I was with my family on vacation, we were on this mountain that was near yellowstone national park and we had a... (more »)
The Error in Raising Your Hand
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At events, I always raised my hand. I hoped to be picked, to become somebody. I was picked once, and I did become somebody. And that was the last time I raised my hand. “Come on, we’ll be late!” my mom called out to me. My... (more »)
A Wonderful Surprise
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On a random day me, my mom, and my little brothers were sitting down in the living room watching house hunters. As we were watching tv i asked my mom could she buy me these nike joggers and a nike shirt that i really wanted from the mall, she... (more »)
The Rumble
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I only heard the sound in movies right before something bad was going to happen. I thought the sound was in my mind at first, but my nightmares slowly morphed into reality at that moment. Why did my parents do this to me? Why did my... (more »)
The Man Behind the Card
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I finally met a man that is on one of my cards.  I collect baseball cards.  I have thousands of different cards, hundreds of different players. You would never think that you would get to meet one and get to work on your game with a... (more »)
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