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Here are the most recent memoirs:

Sink or Sing
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When I was little I was always the loudest in our home, but it was never screaming or yelling.  I found my passion at a young age and I wanted to pursue it.  My first time ever singing in front of people outside of school programs was... (more »)
What I Love
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What I truly love really is not a what; it’s who. He is whom I love the most. He is my other half of almost two years now, though we have been friends for nearly four. His shy smile, cropped short blonde hair, and his piercing blue eyes draw... (more »)
A Beautiful Mind
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Everything changed the moment that I saw her face. Her crystal clear, silver chrome blue, eyes looked into mine as I looked into hers at the exact same moment on that beautiful, colorful, fall day. Before I realized it; we were both smiling and... (more »)
By , Defiance, OH
As a child, I was constantly getting into my mom’s makeup drawer and giving makeovers to my friends and mostly myself.  My tenth birthday party was actually a “makeover” theme.  I invited all my friends over and... (more »)
We're All People
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In sixth grade, when I was eleven and twelve years old, I traveled around the world with my parents. It was probably the time in my life that has most shaped who I am. Looking back, it’s hard to think of the specific ways that it changed me... (more »)
My Major Injuries This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
I’m sure many or some of you have had a couple major injuries in your lifetime so far. If not, I’m sure you know a friend or a family member who has. Or, maybe you’re the only one you know who has had any major injuries, like... (more »)
A Day to Remeber
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In the winter the nights get colder and longer.  Just as I had awoken at about 5:30, the morning was young and seemed just as asleep as I was. My journey began in Michigan. My mom had warned me about the weather outside. As she advised me... (more »)
Real Freedom
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The wind’s hand brushed against my cheek, its soft fingers rippled through my hair. Heat was mixed in with the slow breeze, gently warming my skin, as the sun lazily shined down. I rubbed the back of my neck, sweat gathered on my small... (more »)
The Best Wedding Ever
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On August 2, 2014, I woke up thinking, "Wow, my sister is getting married today!" I couldn't believe that the day I was waiting for was finally happening. The excitement was building up inside me and I couldn’t hold it in.... (more »)
My One Direction Experience
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I have been counting down the days for eight months and it’s finally here! My One Direction concert is today and I can’t wait. My sister and I are getting up early to make posters. I’m making one that says, “I ? U... (more »)
My Life as 6 Year Old
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At age 6 we would spend most weekends in Red Bud and stay in a old bus/camper. I had a small bed in the back, i woke up to the closet door creaking. I knew my uncle was going fishing he told me to get dressed. Afterwards  we walked to the pond,... (more »)
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It was the hardest decision my mom had ever taken. It was the beginning of the summer 2012. It broke my moms heart and mine. I really didn't know how my life would change without him. He is my baby brother even though he is just 2 years... (more »)
The Tyrannical Trike Thief
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His wicked cackle shook the ground, while a five-year-old me took shelter behind my dad’s leg.  Hoping no one would see the fear in my eyes while behind my makeshift bodyguard.  My dad flabbergasted and angered that anyone would... (more »)
My Favorite Week of the Year
One place that is incredibly special to me is St. Germain, Wisconsin.  It all started 17 years ago when my parents, my aunt and uncle, and two other couples went up to this special place for seven days.  After about five years, us... (more »)
Hot Mouth This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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August 2006 was the beginning of third grade at my new school. I tried on many made-up personalities the first few days, picking them out like dresses from my closet. I tried having a sassy attitude and that didn’t work in my favor, so I... (more »)
Struggle and Progress
By , Rumson, NJ
It was in third grade, the backseat of my parents' car. A stormy Monday before Halloween, playing Uno with my family by candlelight in sixth grade. A hot August day getting ready for a weekend in Hershey Park before seventh grade. An... (more »)
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