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Here are the most recent memoirs:

Pay Attention
By , Platte City, MO
While we were on the way up to Platte City, my boyfriend and I got into an argument over something. It was about something that was small and silly, but I recall that I was extremely upset over it. They say it’s never a great idea to... (more »)
The Man Who Will Always Be With Me
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I’ll never forget that warm spring day that turned so cold. It was the day I would remember for the rest of my life but would always want to forget. I was sitting in school when I got called down to the office and they said my mom had... (more »)
One Family, One Goal
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Waking up oOn the morning of March 5th, 2016, I woke up a new person. I was no longer the young, 14 year old, I was the day before. I was finally 15 years old, but I did not consider that day, “Taylor's birthday.” March 5th,... (more »)
Summit of a Lifetime
By , Mesquite, TX
“If I die this week, please take care of my dog,” was the last thing I texted to my friend, Hannah, before turning my phone in. That week, my family forced me to climb a mountain with them, along with 12 other people from my church.... (more »)
My Apple Tree
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I remember some good memories. Running down the spiral staircase to ask my dad where my mom was. Going out onto the wooden deck that wrapped around the house in my underwear when I was really little. Then realizing that I forgot to put pants... (more »)
Tupac's Teachings
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When someone is talking about a rapper, many people assume that these rappers are just talking about violence, disregarding woman, and having a Thug Lifestyle(like misogyny and violence), right? Well that’s true that rappers tend to be like... (more »)
Focus: A Memoir of Skylar, for Skylar
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Every person has something that they love. That specific thing that they just simply cannot get enough of. That, for me, is music. I was told I used to carry around a little battery-operated keyboard I found at my grandmother’s house at... (more »)
Unforgettable Moment
By , dallas, TX
We gathered in front of the large TAPPS sign, outside the Sweeney High School Softball Stadium. Our parents and coaches pulled out their phones and cameras to capture this unforgettable moment. Our skin was glowing, and you could tell by our... (more »)
Pt. III: Genius
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Genius. Thinking, I believe, is a lot like panning for gold. The majority of the time you’ll get mud, rocks, and everything in between. However, if you’re lucky perhaps, you’ll strike it, you’ll see that shining flash of genius, and... (more »)
Pt. II: Purity
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Purity. There the heavenly angel sat upon her cloudy throne Adorned in medals of gold, silver, and pearls like foam Her body is white, her face a porcelain moon With a love so fertile and flower eyes which bloom In a dandelion sun,... (more »)
Pt. I: Ambition
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Is it a vice or a virtue? Maybe a bit of both. Napoleon once gave an amazing quote that I think puts it quite nicely, "Great ambition is the passion of a great character. Those endowed with it may perform very good or very bad acts. All depends... (more »)
My Family
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It's becoming more and more evident just how hard it is to avoid crying. I can't go a single day without shedding a tear. My family separated. Not in the usual way, where parent sget divorced. No, my family split in half. My parents clung to... (more »)
Ignorant Bliss
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Day 1 We had been hiking/crawling for upwards of 6 hours. We were 5 teenagers on a trek for a taste of independence. Dragging our 40-pound bags, we munched on Clif Bars in between deep breaths and sporadic conversations. Talking helped... (more »)
Totaled MInd
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My dad always brings cool cars home for the weekend. Through a program at his work, his company lets employees take cars home whenever they have to drive far away for work to another office across the state, or a tech lab in Detroit. My dad... (more »)
A New Experience
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It was on one of July’s first evenings when my mom, brother, sister, and I headed to Amery, Wisconsin. We got on a bus and got to Juarez (a city near El Paso) the next morning. We crossed the bridge that connects the U.S and Mexico. Once... (more »)
The Pitch
By , Branchburg, NJ
THis book goes through the struggles of me trying to propose a new ¨class¨ to my boss. Chapter 1: Lets do this I walked up the the stairs looking at the game posters on the wall, “Huh haven't seen this one before they must of get some new... (more »)
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