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Here are the most recent memoirs:

Life Isn't What I Thought
By , Vancouver, WA
In a time of stuff toys and Easy Bake ovens us kids got along splendidly. Back in Portland we were the only friends we had. This lead to a special bond no siblings would ever experience in their lifetime. Making the move to Vancouver challenged... (more »)
Don't Say You Need Me
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You leave and you leave again and that says a thousand things to me about your lips, your smile, about the way you make me feel, about every conversation, about everytime you've let me down. But what it screams at me is I can't let you come back... (more »)
Incidents On the River
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      What’s Chloe crying about now?  It isn’t a rare site to see her crying and usually I’m the one to cause it. This time it wasn’t me. Then I see it, an ALLIGATOR! So that’s what she was... (more »)
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I stared into the mirror, the light of the old light bulbs reflecting off its surface. The room was hot and sticky with hairspray and sweat. It hadn't yet hit me what was going to happen; it just felt like another show to me. The time had almost... (more »)
July 3rd
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Our story begins as our protagonist, me, retells what he experienced on the day of July 3rd, 2014… It was July the 3rd, 2014, a day that most people look back on as any other Thursday. But not me.  That was the last day the group and I... (more »)
The First Days
     My first days at my high school were some of the best days in my secondary school career. They were filled with some of my fondest memories of many of the friends I have to this day. It all started about two or three weeks... (more »)
Not Just a Piece of Cloth This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , Stouffville, Canada
I experienced my first panic attack when I was twelve years old; that was the same year my mom convinced me into wearing a scarf on my head, called a hijab. Before leaving for my first day of seventh grade, I remember my mom telling me,... (more »)
My Life Changing Experience This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
“Can I please go home?” I plead to her. “I just want to go home. My birthday is in three weeks and I just want to go home.” “I am sorry, I just cant let you leave right now.” The nurse replies with a... (more »)
Loosing the Most Important Man of my Life
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When I woke up I found it to be a very strange morning. Because normally, my mom would have come in and made sure I was up and around by this time, but she hadn’t. She was nowhere to be found. I shouted her name throughout the house many... (more »)
Closet Corners
By , Olathe, KS
Growing up, I thought I had the perfect, ideal life. My parents were happily together, there were no family issues, and everyone was happy and as well as could be. Or so I thought. The first fifteen years of my life were a lie. A total,... (more »)
Almost Lost
Beep. Beep. Beep. The heart monitor beeped quietly through the phone. His heart beat so soft and steady, like a soft beat to a song. I sat on the phone while he told me what happened just hours before the first surgery. All that was running... (more »)
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Her cold, stiff hands made jagged lines in the air as the sum of all of her effort left her fingertips, reaching so desperately for the dismal gray plastic cup that lie on the tray above her skinny thighs. Her purple-blue veins pulsed against... (more »)
A Trip to Freedom
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        I never really understood culture shock until I arrived. You may be wondering where to America. I never pictured I would be calling this my home but here I am 6 years old and looking around as if I were a kid in a... (more »)
My Sister's Day
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December 10, 2014. That’s the date today. People say that time heals everything: over time, people forget. Over time, people learn to cope with loss. How then, does a parent deal with the death of a child? I don’t know how my parents did it,... (more »)
Something to Remember
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“Music is something I call, ‘lively,’” my grandmother once said.  “That’s why I’m giving this gift to you.” She was a special one, my grand-mother.  Not just someone you found... (more »)
The Great Walnut Tree This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I can still remember that great tree building a bridge between our two houses. The roots were in her soil but the tree stretched its limbs and arched over the man made fence, nature defying man, and spread as a blanket over our houses. Mitzi was... (more »)
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