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Here are the most recent memoirs:

The Ocean and Facing Fears
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Strangers scared me. But I liked to think that this was my one true fear. I wasn’t afraid of the dark or spiders or scary movies like some kids are, so naturally I thought nothing could scare me. I was wrong. I guess I needed to learn... (more »)
Walking Through Life This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I never understood my grandmother’s house. She owned way too many Christmas decorations, and every year we only put up about half of them. She likes to keep a shopping bag filled with plastic bags without ever using them, and I... (more »)
Love Broken
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  I been lied to, hurt, crushed, and even my feelings has been ripped out of my body. But yet I am still able to love other people like I never been hurt before. I was feeling like this way for a very long time, ever since my boyfriend... (more »)
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Cosmic This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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It sounds odd, but I think my first real friend was the moon. As a child, I would look to her during night time car rides. She was always there, following the old green Pathfinder. And I would ask my mom, “How is it possible that... (more »)
Sweet Little Things
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The old house had a sleepy atmosphere; the walls were soft and creamy and the air was warm.  Yes, in the quiet, gray little house on its pristine lawn there lived my two grandparents: unchanged people in a changed world.  Grandma and... (more »)
Facing Fears
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I sat there on the horse, refusing to move forward, my hands holding so tight on the reins that they were starting to turn blue. The jump taunted me from its place in the middle of the arena, almost cruelly, my fears growing worse and worse by... (more »)
The Beach
By , Wilmington, MA
Every year my family goes to the cape. My aunt and uncle have a house in Falmouth so we usually go there for the beach. My whole family goes, my cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, everyone. The last time we went though we all rented a house... (more »)
A Day in the Life
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As the school bell rings on the last day of school, I'm flushed with adrenaline, the idea that anything and everything was possible again, a sense of freedom. I say my goodbyes to my friends, knowing I won’t be seeing them anytime... (more »)
Shooting for the Stars
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The sun had already come down and all the rides had their colorful lights on. We were in the Six Flags Amusement park in New Jersey and we had been there for half the day already. It was me, my boyfriend, his sister, and our friends. We walked... (more »)
Going to Prom Alone...And I'm Happy About It
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Prom: everyone’s FAVORITE school-governed articulated school dance. You know...the prancing-encrusted event that girls typically splurge on themselves: $250.00 sheer-dazzled mermaid gowns, mani-pedis that total a value of which is more... (more »)
How I Went From Couch Potato to Marathon Runner...
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“Almost there!” “Just keep going!” “You’ve got this!” Voices of strangers bombard my ears with cliche quote un-quote “ inspirational” statements. They are ringing cowbells and... (more »)
How I Became the Character of My Own Story
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For some kids, reading was a chore that their parents forced them to do. For me, it was unlimited access to whole new worlds. I started reading pretty young, and as I got older my thirst for books got stronger. I remember getting in trouble in... (more »)
Goodbye Uncle Scott
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Letters to loved ones-dead or alive- always make me cry. They do that because whether or not it's a good one or bad, they are full of memories and inside jokes. I dedicate this letter to my Uncle Scott who like many others, lost his life too... (more »)
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I come home from school after a particularly bad day - I got a bad grade on a test, I forgot a homework assignment, or simply just had a frustrating series of events happen to me that has led me to my breaking point. I burst into my... (more »)
The Importance of Failure
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“Failure is not an option,” a phrase I once heard a classmate of mine utter when the teacher asked us to describe our hopes and dreams for high school. I remember how the words resonated with me, and I stared admirably at the student whose... (more »)
Another Day
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It is just another ordinary day.  I wake up, go to school, and stay at my grandparents house until my mom can pick me up from work. She leaves right when I wake up, and gets home at around dinner time.  I’m with my two brothers,... (more »)
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