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Here are the most recent memoirs:

An Appointment With Death
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I hesitated to open the car door. I put one foot out the door and then the next. I walked over to the door on the garage. I put my hand on the handle and took a deep breath, while holding back the tears. Then I went up the stairs knowing how... (more »)
I Remember
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A very amazing man, is sadly diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma. His last eight months bring great pain to my family, and we still think about him everyday. Chapter 1: His Journey I remember his amazing inventions, I remember his warm hugs, and... (more »)
The Flame of Song
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My heart was pounding louder and louder by the second. The butterflies in my stomach were growing out of control, like a madman breaking down an iron-barred jail cell. The evening of the long-anticipated ACDA, the highly-esteemed American... (more »)
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My father was a private for the military while my mother worked at the Eye-Care store. They immediately got married and after one whole year. My parents name me Ralph after my dad, and I was the only child my parents ever had. Life was perfect... (more »)
The Feeling of Summer
We are getting towards the end of Spring, Summer is around the corner, yet the only thing on my mind is “Let school be over”. There is a certain feeling of Summer that I miss, especially now in these last exhausting days of school. I love... (more »)
My Summer Break
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This is my adversity that caught me by surprise, but I dealt with it. I woke up one morning and raced to the kitchen with a burst of excitement to eat because I knew that I was going to summer camp for a whole week. After I ate, I bolted to my... (more »)
Love: An 18 Year Old's Perspective
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Mom Cabin It was about 5 o’clock. I’m not actually sure this is right, time was merely an idea up there. But the sun beginning its descent into the mountains behind the lake hinted that the evening was almost upon us. The... (more »)
Things I Wish I Would Tell You
By , Cleveland, NC
May 15, 2017 4:02pm Two nights ago, I got up to go to bed and collapsed on my way through the kitchen. It's never been easy getting over you, and that night was no exception. I was just on the floor with the lights off. Sobbing into my... (more »)
The Black Toboggan
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As a child, I was always very cautious of my surroundings. You would never catch me roughing it out on the playground per se, or sleeping in the pitch dark. During soccer games, my mother would yell for me to get the ball, but I was happy just... (more »)
A Conversation with My Demons
By , Bloomfield Hills, MI
Her crusade against the demons of the past, the ‘what if’s that plague her mind like swarms of gnats in the heat of summer, is a battle often lost. Rejection and Fear posed as angels descended from the heavens to lift her to... (more »)
Took It Like a Man
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If you were to ask me, “Ana, what are your thoughts on roller coasters and other types and forms of thrill seeking nonsense?”, I would probably respond with a “Oh yeah brother, I love me some thrill seeking nonsense”.... (more »)
To Search for the Meaning of Life
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Life cannot be fully satisfied, no matter how rich or poor, ignorant or intelligent one is. Life is a monotonous, frustrating experience that can never be lived to the fullest. It is barren, boring and empty and when one speaks of the meaning of... (more »)
The Girl Who Opened the Door
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The girl named Cherri has a thin, slight figure with a high ponytail was known around the class for being a bona-fide bookworm. And my very best friend. She is a girl of good upbringing in middle-class society with long straight black hair I... (more »)
Before the Flight to Chicago
By , Brooklyn, NY
My aunt and I had just left the bathroom and we were now seated in front of gate, patiently waiting for the plane that would put me in a different time zone. I had been living with her since 2009. It’s the spring of 2012 and this is the first... (more »)
Carry On
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My grandfather, Rick, is like no other. He has the kindest words, smartest brain, incredibly loving heart, hardworking hands, and is the strongest man I know. At first glance you see an older gentlemen with an aged face with wrinkles that have... (more »)
What I Knew About Grandma
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Sponge cake, she rasped. I held back inappropriate laughter, tugging on the edge of my father’s checkered shirt to end our visit to Grandma. I sipped Fanta out of a red cup to stifle my smile. My father whispered that we’d pick up a... (more »)
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