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Here are the most recent memoirs:

My Life Will Never Be the Same
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The questions started forming when I was in Middle School. “How old is she?” “Do I look like her?” “Why did she give me up?” “Does she even remember me, does she miss me?” These thoughts and... (more »)
The Problems With Our Schooling System
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Stepping out from my Dad’s red sedan, I grab my smoothie and bookbag, closing the door behind me.  I don't dare to look back as he drives away.  I’m feeling so mortified that he even drove me here in the first place. I... (more »)
Sunday Afternoons This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Four o’clock on a Sunday afternoon. Sunlight beams radiantly through tall windows, illuminating our makeshift chapel in the nursing home lobby. The priest thoughtfully blesses a freshly baked loaf of bread on a wobbly card table. A saint... (more »)
The Value of X This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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i. We meet mathematically, in the chaotic battlefield of a classroom, through an especially poorly phrased math question that obliges me to ask for your assistance. Although I only sit one table away from you, I have never ventured to speak... (more »)
Where am I going with my life?
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It was months ago when I had this bitter realization. The feeling was like a huge slap on my face when the thought just dawned on me out of the blue while I was doing homework. This homework was like any other homework who was just given to us... (more »)
“Be Adventurous, Take Risks, Have fun”
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The sweet Georgia breeze cooled my face as the sun kissed my cheeks. As my flip-flops created a rhythm against the algae covered dock I hesitated and thought of just turning around. But something kept me going. I trotted slowly over to my... (more »)
Your Friend
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 There is a difference between hearing your friend is dead and seeing your dead friend. When you wake up on a cold, blizzard morning to read on your phone that your friend from elementary school has died, you might shed a tear, but you... (more »)
By , Amery, WI
“This doctor doesn’t require an echocardiogram.” “Well, I do!” My mother was scheduling my annual heart checkup at the University of Minnesota Children’s Hospital over the phone. I had been diagnosed... (more »)
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When I was 10 I thought that I was dying. My mom, brothers, and I were driving back to my mom’s sisters house after our cousin’s birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. I remember the music we were listening to, Sinead O’Conner- “Nothing... (more »)
By , Arlington, TX
Autumn. Pencil in hand, eyes glued to the paper laid before me. What is your favorite season? The paper forced this simple question into my young mind. Most around me chose summer, for the freedom, or winter for the snow; but I chose Autumn,... (more »)
The Fruits of Loving Your Roots This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Ever since I was very young, I have been told by my parents, “Don’t tell people you’re Muslim. Don’t say you’re Pakistani. Don’t talk about politics.” It was for good reason: They wanted to keep me... (more »)
Losing My Dad
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My dad was the best dad that anyone could ask for. He was a huge guy, he stood at a staggering 6’5”. He was a big guy. When he would reach down and swoop me into the air, I would squeal with delight. Whenever I was sad I would go... (more »)
What I Overcame This Year
By , Lansing, MI
The most difficult thing that I did last school year was overcoming failing grades. In the beginning of the 2016-17 school year, I went to online school. I have never heard of online public schooling (where you don’t have to go to school... (more »)
By , Franklin, WI
The window was cracked open, letting in the cool spring breeze. I was stationed by the window, crouched on my legs. I looked out at the crisp blue sky, clouds sailing by like big white puffy platoons. Branches of tall oaks spread across the... (more »)
Add, Stir, Bake
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I pour the flour into the wet batter and watch the whisk struggle to keep up with the ever-growing thickness. I always follow a specific order when baking. First the flour, then the salt, and finally the most important ingredient: baking soda.... (more »)
Lights: A Personal Narrative
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When the lights go down, when the sun sets, when the sky is black as licorice melting in your mouth, when the stars sprinkle the sky like powdered sugar against a molten lava cake, I can finally breathe. The world is still. My thoughts are the... (more »)
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