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Here are the most recent memoirs:

Our View of the World as Children
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As a child I remember looking at the world and thinking every thing was beautiful. I looked up at the sky and saw awesomeness. Everything was amazing in my eyes. I remember being 9, I lived in Memphis, TN, in a apartment complex called Goodwill... (more »)
My Own Rain This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Sunlight glistens off the shallow water, dancing rays scattering light every which-way. A pristine lake of silvery fallen rain, beckoning to be disturbed. I tap my shiny red boots against the puddle’s surface, sending ripples cascading in... (more »)
Thoughts as a Child
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As a child, we think of the world as....beautiful, and interesting, and just amazing....but what changes that when we get older? As a child, I grew up in Memphis, TN, and there were fields of green grass, wind-blown dandelions, and mystical... (more »)
Swinging Go
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I was in a pretty crappy mood when I made a crazy decision. It was the Saturday after my last eight grade day. Traditionally I spent the day drowning in yogurt, Netflix, and my own tears. But not this year! Of course, Mama and the other... (more »)
Unexpectedly Foreshadowed
By , Parsippany, NJ
It was a bright summer day. I was with my sister, playing in the front yard. It was never this calm. My older brother was at Boy Scout camp and my dad was off somewhere. It was uncommon for my dad not to be around. He was often either in... (more »)
Don't Stop Gotta Keep Going
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This is going to be easy, I thought to myself, breathing heavy. This is going to be easy. I kept repeating the phrase, breathing in for ten seconds then out for five. In. Out. In. Out. Needing to keep my heartbeat steady, I thought to... (more »)
When It Changed
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Memories flow in and out. The good, the bad, all of it. As a young girl in a family of seven, what I wanted didn’t matter. Although I had my own personal desires, the majority of the things I wanted were for my family not for me.... (more »)
Rushing and Gushing
By , Franklin Lakes, NJ
“Who will be the champion?” James questioned. James was my friend Nick’s older brother, who had six years on us. The challenge was simple, the first person to climb across the playground without touching the ground won. It was... (more »)
Hannah This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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It’s a five letter word, and yet even people in their seventies, eighties, and older don’t truly understand it. It happens because of the decay of cells and shutting down of organs, it comes in many different forms, and so far there is no... (more »)
Spaghetti This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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 “What the hell was yer mom doin’ takin’ these damn classes in Japan?!? ’She a makiss- masasa-, well,  a mass-oh-kiss or somethin’?” barked my driver’s ed teacher jovially. His hyuk-hyuk-hyuk... (more »)
In Defense of Loud Music
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Pick your poison: the volume knob. I don’t realize how loud it’s gotten until my eardrums cannot handle the banging anymore. I try to stop thinking about the what-ifs: what if my parents are right behind me, my speakers blow out, or I... (more »)
Over and Again
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I wonder if it would be like this if we weren't forced to be together again. I walk into the open arms of the front doors as immediately as I walk into somebody's arms. The smell of school mixes with the too familiar weave of voices of other... (more »)
Back to Where It All Began This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , Wyckoff, NJ
“Oh, so this your fake mom?” When you’re in 2nd grade, hearing a comment like that tends to throw you off guard. But, not for me. Of course I was startled by the audacity my friend had to make that comment, but I wasn’t surprised. In... (more »)
What Adults Don't Tell Us About Growing Up This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
By , Mammoth Lakes, CA
I guess it was that night we both stayed at a friend’s house, when I lay with my head resting on Liam’s chest as it rose and fell with every silent sob. There, in his arms, I began to understand. Maybe it was the late hour, or maybe... (more »)
You Over a Sundae Anyday This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Losing your dad suddenly is kind of like eating dessert before dinner for the first time in your life. You choose the richest, creamiest ice cream and stack scoops upon scoops of the most decadent flavors you’ve never dared to taste... (more »)
Reflections of an 8th Grade Graduate
By , Plymouth, MI
This past week, I graduated from the school that had become, in a way, my second home. The past nine years had gone by in a snap. The once anxious kindergarteners were now eighth graders. We had basically grown up together. We knew it would be... (more »)
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