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It was January 30, 2009, I was halfway through my 3rd grade year. I casually skipped into school every morning, wishing I could just go back home, but not showing it. Nobody there really liked me and I didn’t have many friends to hang out... (more »)
October 28
By , Kenosha, WI
The room they gave me was a pale lavender, the walls were worn and cracked. There was a small desk and chair in the corner. A little window looking out towards the forest. I could hear the wind whistling in the trees. The birds chirping and the... (more »)
A Day to Remember
By , Kensington, NH
People stick the term “worst day of my life” on any mediocre day, but it’s different when you actually experience it. What I thought was going to be a simple midwinter day, instead turned out to be my worst nightmare. I was... (more »)
A wonderful new life
By , battle creek, MI
My life started when I was born, of course. I was born 11/9 in Nashville Tennessee by Heather, my mom, and David, my dad, but also my Uncle. So my Uncle is my dad. Yes, Heather and David are brother and sister. It's weird. Heather and... (more »)
The Day I Lost Him
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My stomach started to turn when I laid my hand to to handle to the double doors of my high school. The halls had been unsettling silent as my friend and I made our way to our first classes. I tried to brush off the feeling that something was... (more »)
Less Than a Life
By , Battle Creek, MI
My sister and I were having a great time trying on our new roller skates when I decided to go inside to get a drink. I opened the door to see Doug sitting on the couch. HE had a sad gloomy look on his face like something was wrong. Well... (more »)
The Playlist of Life
By , Branford, CT
The constant glares. The tortured screaming inside my head. The disgusted looks I get in public. That’s the only thing I remember from my elementary school. From Kindergarten, all the way to seventh grade, it was only that. Barely any positive... (more »)
The Sad Truth Is...
By , Battle Creek, MI
Sitting at the dining table in the front living room, with CPS sitting across the wooden table from me, short but heavy gasps of breath escape me.My grandma, silent, sits in the chair on my left and the CPS’s right. Fear. Relief.... (more »)
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 Some people say that when you lose a loved one, they become a star and watch over us. I don’t know whether is true or not, but I believe it is. Whenever I look up at the stars I think about my grandfather and that night my family... (more »)
By , battle creek, MI
It was a warm summer night during my trip to Tennessee. My Aunt and Uncle asked if I wanted to go to Kentucky to see my cousins and other family, I naturally said yes. It was about a 2 hour drive there so I got really bored. On the way there I... (more »)
Open Your Eyes
By , battle creek, MI
It was roughly three years ago, A beautiful clear sky peering over,bright sun and a great day.I was doing what I would always do go ride my bike around town get some fresh air in my lungs. I did my daily trip down to the bridge downtown to ride... (more »)
Jay Peak
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It  was 12 degrees fahrenheit. I was almost in Canada, in a place called jay peak, in Jay, Vermont. only 15 minutes from the border to Canada. I was with my Mom, Dad, Brother, and my friend’s family. Jay peak is about 5 hours from my... (more »)
By , Battle creek, MI
My mother understands what it's like. The fuzzy mind and tingling feeling on my lips and the very tips of my fingers. The sudden warmth that heats my body along with the thin sheet of sweat that lies just under my nose and atop my upper... (more »)
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I was going over the speed limit and passed a police officer on my road. He turned his police lights on and made me pull over. I didn't hear the siren that police cars have so I don't think he used them. We were on a country road so I... (more »)
Cute Doggie Behavior
By , Battle creek, MI
Every morning I call to my happy and loving dogs Charley and lola in a half awoken, dark, and cool house. They come scampering even though I have to put them in their cage for the worst part of their day. They are never happy about this, and I... (more »)
The Climb
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Part of me knows I’ve been stubborn since I was young; I suppose it came from my father-we call him the Stubborn Pollock (slang for Polish, I don’t suggest you use it)-who could argue day and night and still not move an inch. It... (more »)
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