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A Purchasable Woman This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Peacetime, a very simple word. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, peacetime is defined as “a period of time during which a country is not fighting a war.” But is peacetime really this simple? Just because a war isn’t... (more »)
By , Dexter, MI
When I was little, I had this one friend and together we were adventurous.  We played video games but that wasn’t why we connected so well.  We were really good friends because we would love to explore the outdoors and a gravel... (more »)
A Home Away from Home
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This is it, Zenita. This is it. I remember the day before my flight, December 02, 2011. It was a busy day for me. I had so much to do: haircut, mani, buy clothes, pack my suitcase, and get all my paperwork ready. It was an exciting day but... (more »)
The Cruise
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When one thinks of another country, they may think about the diversity of the country; the language, the architecture, and the customs. Let me tell you that’s not even the half of it. When you enter a foreign land, there is a strange air... (more »)
Ash and Tears
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It started out as a pretty normal day, I woke up to go to school as usual. When I got to school I went to my classes like I always did. My friend and I had decided to go kayaking after school that day with one of our other buddies, like we did... (more »)
Peaks and Valleys
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Around 22,000 Boy Scouts from all across the world travel to Cimarron, New Mexico every year to take part in what many call, “the ultimate scouting experience”. This “ultimate scouting experience” entails anywhere from... (more »)
Every Athlete’s Nightmare
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An athlete's career can be changed, and even ended, in only a matter of seconds. If you ask an athlete what’s their most feared injury is, many will answer with ACL tear. ACL tears are feared because they can happen from both contact... (more »)
Finding Identity Through Redemption
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There was a girl. She loved soccer. She found her strength within herself. It was a normal day. She had a soccer tournament, like any usual weekend. Soon the whistle blew for the game before them and her team joined her as they ran onto... (more »)
Going Under This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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“Alexis! You need to slow down, I don’t want you slipping on the wet tile.” I skid to a halt as I hear my mom yell from behind me and instantly regret coming to a complete stop, my feet flying out from under me and I land hard on my... (more »)
The Storm Is Only the Beginning
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I'm sitting on a log just looking out at the very calm and peaceful lake. A large white pine stands in the distance, with many curving branches. White pines are beautiful trees, and their needles as soft as silk. A chipmunk stopped by for a... (more »)
The Ball
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Then there I was standing arms length away from Russell Wilson, I couldn’t believe it… 2 years ago, my cousin, Mom, and I got tickets to go to a the Seattle Seahawks training camp. It was the morning of and we were all... (more »)
Didn't See That Coming
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I honestly didn’t see that coming. Five years ago at my house in Gurgaon, a small city near New Delhi, I was trying hard to control the tears that were welling in my eyes. I couldn’t believe what I heard. I couldn’t believe... (more »)
Are We Really Different?
Asians are labeled to be slit-eyed math freaks, trapped in a world of conservatism and harsh parenting. We generalize them as the people of the yellow with subpar English skills. Muslims are racially profiled to be terrorists or heinous... (more »)
My Dog
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It was when the cold air started to hit my face which made me feel frozen, i was running down the street chasing my dog. I'm sprinting down the road after her, I watched her run into the backyard of a house and in that backyard there was a... (more »)
A Story Of Mine That Needs To Be Told
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When I was 12 years old I had an astonishing  experience.  I learned this day sportsmanship and  patience and how this can be applied to my life . I woke up in the cold and dark morning thinking about it for a week. My dad, mom,... (more »)
Seasons Come and Go
By , Bryant, IA
“It’s finally season again!” My big brother Trey said with much excitement. “I know we only had three hundred and sixty days of waiting to enjoy these five” I replied. The season Trey was talking... (more »)
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