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Most Recent Memoirs

Here are the most recent memoirs:

History in the Making
Securing your name in history is no simple task, especially when you are trying to defy the odds of sports and carry a city on your back. Twenty years ago a group of teenage boys accomplished the unthinkable and etched their names in history by... (more »)
Tragedy Distracts
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To the diseases and illnesses of the world, “Cancer.” I look down to hide the tears threatening to overflow, and the only entities my eyes can find to distract myself are my shoes. The years of memories that they hold can take me somewhere... (more »)
My First Day of School
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When I was little we never had the chance to settle in a specific place. Traveling from country to country never finding that one place we could call home. Then, when I was around the age of 5, we moved to Spain. Those had been the best few... (more »)
If you don't love yourself, who will?
    Life, life is described like this “the existence of an individual human being or animal.” We are born, we have our 1st birthday, our 2nd, our 3rd and so on. Each day we go to sleep not knowing if we are going to wake... (more »)
Computer Day
Being on the computer too many hours transports you into a new world. It feels like you are inside the game. For me, some of the best games are Mine craft, all the games inside Steam, League of Legends, and all the mini games that are on the... (more »)
Open Up
It was the middle of second grade when I moved to Belton. I was a shy kid, not really talking much. When I got up in the morning I pleaded for my mom not to make me go to school, but she just responded by making me get ready. When I was finally... (more »)
My First Computer
It was a regular x-mas morning. I got up at six o'clock and got on my PS2. A few hours later my sister woke up, she dashed down the stairs to the Christmas tree and yelled presents. At this point I was working on eating a bowl of cereal. By... (more »)
Uncertainty, darkness, and the faint desire to turn on Netflix and watch some cheesy television show as a distraction wash over me at the same time. I have awoken halfway through the night, again. I lay awake at 2:43 am. I’m covered in 3... (more »)
The Bridges in the Creek
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Objectively, it was a very nondescript day. Although in the eyes of children, still so unfamiliar and not yet unfazed by the big bad world around them, even the most average of days are exciting, by nature of the mysteries it contains.... (more »)
Personal Narrative
I was on the way to the  big red city supermarket that was located next to a taco station that smelled like cooking chicken. I was in the front seat, it was night and it was dark as a turned off telephone. We were just normal, all my... (more »)
Swim Your Heart Out
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The pep talk, the time when my coach, Tom, told my team and I what we were going to swim. We were all anxious; this was our biggest meet of the year against our rivals, Minnechaug. I was sitting on the bleachers twiddling my thumbs as my coach... (more »)
Here We Go
I can never forget the day that inspired me to pursue a career that came from an after school club back in middle school. This was the day I first flew an airplane. Right as I jumped out of bed that morning, I checked the weather on my iPod... (more »)
My Fears
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Fear can conquer many abilities like how to run.  Your knees can lock up, and your mind freaks out.  Fear is a distressing emotion aroused by danger.  There are many times in which I had encountered fear.  For example when I was 7, I had a... (more »)
Hanging the Tutu
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Since I was 4 years old, black leotards and pink thights were my second skin. Everyday I was waiting anxious for the next ballet class. The days I didn’t have class, I’ll come home and spend the afternoon dancing through my own cd’s of... (more »)
Disobedience Leads To Trouble
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Have you ever had that time in your life when you thought you could disobey your parents and live life the way you wish and everything will be all good? I’m sure most people have, and still do live that way. For those who still do that, it is... (more »)
This is Just the Beginning
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       As I stand in front of the mirror, looking in it, I don’t see myself. I see a little nine year old girl with a tear-stained face wearing a dull black dress with freckles on her cheeks and nose and BIG amber-brown eyes staring back... (more »)
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