Way Back Then

May 10, 2018
By Anonymous

Memories are hard. Some you wish your brain could remember more about, some you wish you could forget...but the best kind of memory is one that helped shape you into who you are today.

A memory that really sticks out in my life was my first dance class. This may sound a bit cliche, but I think this was the first day I discovered what I was put on this earth to do. I truly believe that I was born to dance.
I began dancing at the young age of 3 years old. I took my first class at Young Dance Academy located in oak creek wisconsin and still dance there today. I started off with a 3-4 year old ballet class. I remember having my mom tie a pink ribbon around my little perfectly shaped ballet bun, and have my bubble gum pink tights to match my pink leotard and my pink ballet slippers they made for little feet. I walked into the dance studio with my brand new dance bag and and water bottle and my head held high, I was ready to go. Walking into the dance studio I remember hearing all kinds of music playing and being able to see a little peek of the older girls dancing in the other rooms and that is when my stomach started to turn...I was instantly frightened thinking to myself “I don’t know how to do that!!” “I am never going to be as good as everyone else” “What if I can’t keep up!?”

Another part of my 3 year old mind was saying “Wow I hope I can be as good as them one day.”. After having all of these thoughts running through my head, my excited, confident face begins to become drenched in tears as I balled my eyes out to my mom. I was terrified, and at this point all I wanted to do was go home. After having my mom and the dance teacher talk to me for about 10 minutes trying to convince me to go into the class, I decided to face my nerves and walk in the room. And I am so thankful I did.

As the hour long class went on I became more comfortable with the other girls and teachers. I loved it. I found the moves we were learning very easy to me and very fun to do. Our class started at the ballet bar, then we went to the center of the room and stretched and we we played some games. At the end of the class everyone got a stamp and a piece of candy as we left the room. I remember running and jumping in my moms arms and she told me how proud she was of me. She always tells me that the whole rest of the week I couldn’t wait to go back again next week. It was crazy how in just an hour I could go from being terrified to enter the room to never wanting to leave and always wanting to come back.

I have made life long friends from that first day of dance. Although I can’t possibly remember every detail from that first day of class 13 years ago, I do know that it was the start of my happiness. I live to dance. All I ever want to do is dance. The feeling I had after that first class on that rainy saturday is a feeling that I continue to feel and hope to feel forever. Dance has really taught me so many things and has most certainly shaped me into the strong, disciplined person I am today. Even though I was so young and don’t remember many things from when I was 3 years old, I am sure glad I have such a clear memory of this because it is one of the most important days of my life and will be forever. It was the start of my passion, and my happiness in life.

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